1Password App: One master password for all applications, websites, apps and more

1Password app download, guide, instructions, set up master password for all accounts, Mac, iPhone, iOS

1Password app you set a master password with which you can secure all other passwords for user accounts, online accounts, access to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon and so on. The registration on these pages or with the corresponding apps then simply works via the 1Password app or the browser plug-in. So you can enter a different secure password everywhere, but only have to remember one password, namely the one for 1Password. I have summarized details of the AgileBits offer from Canada in this guide.

1Password app download, guide, instructions, set up master password for all accounts, Mac, iPhone, iOS

This is how 1Password works: Secure different accesses with one password

The fact that you only have to remember one password does not mean that it is used everywhere. You can definitely use Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Gmail, Etsy, Evernote, Netflix, for credit card services, streaming offers and other accounts a unique and secure password use. The 1Password app then manages all these passwords and logs you into these services with just one click; as long as you enter the master password beforehand - that is the safety factor. In addition, 1Password can help you to create new user accounts. A new Netflix account or a new Amazon user account? The app will create a secure password for you and will take over the registration in the future.

Presentation of the app in the video by AgileBits in the descriptive video

1Password download for Mac, Windows PC, as a browser plugin, as an app for iOS and Android

Here I have selected the most important download links for the software for you. This is how you can quickly find the right version for your Mac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad - or for Windows PC or Android device:

How do you manage your passwords?

Do you already use 1Password and benefit from the automatic management of all your accesses, accounts and Apps with only one master password? Or do you still go the classic way, create a new password everywhere and then remember it (possibly with help such as a notebook or sticky notes)? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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2 Responses to “1Password App: One master password for all applications, websites, apps and more”

  1. Bjorn Cloppenburg

    Dear Sir Apfelot,
    I am happy to receive your SirApflelot newsletter so that I can get factual information about the apple world.
    Links and recommendations for this are certainly here and there an advertising bonus from the provider. Of course, nobody can do everything just for fun.
    So my question to you here, how do I secure my passwords with a good password program? OK your recommendation IPassword. At the moment, however, all these subscription models go against the grain. It sucks. Clean my Mac - Adobe - and and.
    Sir Apfelot please send a simple, fair, pertinent note without a subscription - OK then just buy it once. Many Thanks

    1. Hello Björn! I left 1Password a while ago because the subscription costs were too high for me. I am currently running Dashlane because it has the cheapest subscription and good reviews. But if you're looking for a free variant, you can go for it KeePassX look at. That was a recommendation from another reader who is very happy with it. I haven't tried it yet.

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