1972 - Great gift ideas for this vintage

Vintage 1972
Vintage 1972

1972: A good year that also deserves exceptional birthday gifts!

I was born in 1972 myself and that's why I created this nice subpage. It's interesting what happened this year:

  • the XX. Olympic Games in Munich were overshadowed by a terrorist attack
  • in Germany came the first episode of "Star Trek - Raumschiff Enterprise"
  • Willy Brand was Federal Chancellor and Gustav Heinemann was Federal President
  • in America Richard Nixon was in power
  • Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney found the "Atari" brand in California
  • Documenta 5 takes place in Kassel
  • The leap second after 23:59:59 is introduced for the first time in the physical-technical institute in Braunschweig

Of course, a lot more has happened, but you can read all of that in practical birth year books that you can buy as a gift idea for friends.

We were born in 1972 - childhood and youth
Born in 1972 - the time machine has now finally been invented: Generations in we get in and embark on an exciting journey into a great past. And that's not even a rumor - don't all of us have the golden years in our luggage and would like to experience them again? We don't want to get melancholy: there are certainly still wonderful years ahead of us in 72. But we don't want to forget them completely either, the beginnings with Milupa, Pampers and Scout satchels. Need a little reminder? Then please open ...

If you prefer to make your loved ones happy with music from the good old days, you will find the right CD here:

This Is ... 1972
Old hits from the 1972s - what else can you say ?! Class!

And if you like puzzles, you might find something nice to do with the quiz book. All questions and answers pertaining to the 1972s:

Year quiz 1972: Childhood - Youth - Current affairs
Do you still know the idols of your childhood and youth? Who was hot right now, which films were showing in the cinema, what were the new achievements in science and which athletes were currently celebrating their greatest successes? No problem? Then prove it to friends and family now!

And as a last good tip I would like to introduce something to wear. The only true T-shirt for the 72 guys:

So now you just need the right drink to toast. Since a good Scottish single malt would probably blow every birthday fund, I recommend this fancy wine in a wooden box:



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