20 W bluetooth speaker instead of micro system

Muse M 800 BT

A friend recently got the Muse M 800 BT Bluetooth speaker shopped. When he bought it, it was still available on Amazon for 55 EUR, but unfortunately I missed this bargain - it is currently almost 90 EUR. But even for the price, I think the sound and looks of the speaker are extremely good. The advertising slogan "Replaces a micro system in the room" should be taken seriously. And if our little daughter could stream Princess Lillifee to the box via Bluetooth with her iPhone - I think I would not have bought the [mini-> mini-system] for her and would have preferred the M 800 BT. :)

Muse M 800 BT

The Muse M 800 BT is a Bluetooth speaker that, thanks to its 20 W, can easily fill entire rooms without clinking or rattling (Photo: Amazon).

The good reception quality of the [BT speaker-> bluetooth speaker], which is offered despite the actually quite sensitive Bluetooth, is also very positive. With other boxes I have the problem that a room door is enough to block the signal. The Muse M 800 sometimes even goes through one wall or the other. This is also confirmed by a customer who has already written a review.

The supplied remote control from Muse I would not have needed it personally, since I control everything via the iPhone anyway, but maybe there are people who connect their MP3 player to the Bluetooth speaker via aux-in and cable - they will then be grateful for a remote control with it you don't always have to run to the pit. The speaker system supports the Bluetooth profiles A2DP and AVRCP. And it uses the Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, the Muse M 800 BT costs almost 90 EUR. But if you look every now and then, you might also be able to click on the offer for 55 EUR. The BT loudspeaker is sold, for example from Amazon.

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