24 exciting puzzles: EXIT Advent calendar instead of chocolate

With the EXIT series, the game publisher KOSMOS has managed to bring the “Escape Room” concept into your own four walls. If your kids are already EXIT fans or want to become one, Advent is a good time to immerse themselves in this world of games. Of course, this also applies to you. Because there are several EXIT Advent calendars, each of which offers 24 exciting puzzles for the time when you are waiting for Christmas. Below you will find a selection of the offers.

Various EXIT Advent calendars for Christmas 2023

All EXIT Advent calendars are made for the “beginner” level, so no experience with escape rooms or other titles in the EXIT series is required. This offers, among other things, the puzzle calendar The hunt for the golden book at. In 24 puzzles you slowly but surely work your way to the golden book that you are supposed to find for Santa Claus. The trail leads to a strange, remote village. All details and a video about the calendar can be found on the linked product page.

KOSMOS 681951 EXIT® - The Advent calendar game: The hunt for the golden book, with 24 exciting...
  • “EXIT - The Game” now as an Advent calendar
  • Exciting advent calendar for 24 days full of puzzles
  • Atmospheric adventure story and clever escape game in one

If you don't feel like helping Santa Claus, there are several other adventures you can experience. So there is with The silent storm another EXIT Advent calendar with 24 puzzles and extensive puzzle accessories. The initial situation is that both an earthquake and a snowstorm cause chaos in the Christmas preparations. You're snowed in in a toy workshop and have to solve the puzzles to get out in time to deliver the toys. There are even more details on the linked product page.

2,60 EUR
KOSMOS 683009 EXIT - The Advent Calendar game, The Silent Storm, with 24 exciting puzzles for ages 10 and up...
  • EXIT – The Game” now as an advent calendar.
  • Exciting advent calendar for 24 days full of puzzles.
  • Atmospheric adventure story and clever escape game in one.

But it's not always about saving Christmas. Sometimes you just have to save yourself, for example from a mysterious ice cave. And it is precisely this scenario that gives the Advent calendar its name The mysterious ice cave. The initial situation is that you are surprised by an avalanche during your pre-Christmas ski trip, you ski away from it and seek shelter in a rocky niche. You discover an ice cave full of mysteries. The 24 puzzles have to be solved in order to get out again. There is also further information and ordering options on the product page.

KOSMOS 693206 EXIT® - The Game Advent Calendar 2020 The mysterious ice cave, with 24...
  • Finally! Real EXIT excitement for Advent
  • Advent calendar with puzzles at beginner level
  • From the successful game series "EXIT - The Game". The Escape Room game for the home

EXIT Advent calendar books with 24 puzzles each

There are also EXIT books from KOSMOS in the style of role-playing books in which, depending on the story decision you make, you have to turn to a designated page in order to continue reading. Unlike the classic-style Advent calendars shown above, with the following offers you take a book, cut out information material, bend pictures into certain shapes, write down information and so on. These books also list the difficulty level as “beginner”.

The first example of an Advent calendar book from the EXIT series is The ticket to doom. Here you slip into the role of Leah, whose brother Mikkel disappears. So you have to look for him and finally find him in the elves kingdom, where he wants to become a Christmas elves. But that sounds nicer than it actually is. The story takes place on the Secret Santa train, which gives it a touch of “Murder on the Orient Express”. Hopefully Mikkel can be saved in 24 puzzles. You can find the book on the linked product page.

EXIT® - The Book: The Advent Calendar: The ticket to ruin
  • advent calendars; books
  • Brown, Nina (Author)

If you don't know what to do with Secret Santa and would rather immerse yourself in fantasy and dark fairy tale worlds, you can use the EXIT Advent calendar book The dark prophecy read and play through. You take on the role of Marie, whose father is the captain of the Guardian Library. He is suspected of stealing magical items. There isn't much time left to prove his innocence. And you have to solve 24 puzzles to do it. Here you will also find further information and ordering options on the linked product page.

EXIT® - The Book: The Advent Calendar: The Dark Prophecy
  • advent calendars; books
  • Brand, Inka (Author)

Let's round off the overview with a third book, which has the title The disaster at the North Pole carries. This is not about gnomes, but about elves. More specifically, it's about the elf Willi, who works in the wish list management of the North Pole. He notices that Knecht Ruprecht is involved in dark machinations. Together with an agent called the “Easter Bunny”, it is now a matter of averting the danger from the Christmas workshop at the North Pole using 24 puzzles. Here you can also get further information and ordering options on the linked page.

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