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For many "digitally oriented" people, the Christmas season has been associated with the hacker congress organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) for years. Today the event started in its 35th iteration (hence the abbreviation 35C3) and offers several days of great entertainment, a lot of knowledge and important education.

A quote from the opening event:

For me the congress is a huge collection of all these tiny and wonderful, fascinating, wacky, stupid things and people who come together in one building and in four days produce the most extensive, incredible, absurd and crazy overstimulation I have ever experienced!

I think that sums up the CCC Congress quite well. ;-)

The 35C3 congress is in Leipzig this year and runs under the motto "Refreshing Memories".

The 35C3 congress is in Leipzig this year and runs under the motto "Refreshing Memories".

I've struggled with going to the event for a few years, but somehow I haven't gotten around to it because of kids, work and Christmas time. I guess I'll postpone this project until my retirement and just come to terms with the fact that around Christmas I'll definitely have too much on my mind to go to a multi-day congress.

If you would like to watch a bit of video, you will find the video with the entrance animation and a little speech that makes you want to go to the event:

Watch lectures as video

The nice thing is: There is probably no other event in the world that is so well documented for people who CANNOT be there. For this reason, all lectures can be enjoyed comfortably in the evening at home on the sofa or watched live via stream.

So that you don't have to look for the corresponding links individually on the internet, I have put together a small list of links for the 35C3:

Everything included: with the 35C3 app

The right app for the event is of course almost mandatory. So you can be live at the hacker congress on your iPhone, iPad and even on Apple TV.

[appbox appstore id941205524]

SleepEatShower - Proven cycle!

Another nice thing I discovered while browsing: A small mini-infographic that explains the participants how to best run the days on the 35C3: Sleep, Eat, Shower ... the rest can be freely chosen.

Sleep Eat Shower - Infographic for 35C3 Visitors.

Sleep Eat Shower - Infographic for 35C3 Visitors.

In principle, the motto would also be a helpful thing for other people. ;-)


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