485 Apple Commercials - Good Entertainment!

Apple commercials
Apple commercials

The collection of Apple commercials is quite extensive and starts with the Homemaker advertisement from 1977. The screenshot above is from the Macintosh advertisement "Computer for the Rest of Us 1" from 1984. (Film / Photo: Apple)

The commercials Apple has produced and published over the company's history are not all entertaining. But some have become real classics that you always enjoy looking at. A friendly YouTube user has now taken the trouble to upload and list all advertising sports that the apple company actually offers.

In total there were 485 pieces. Including hits like the 1984 spot, the lame and fast snails and the boys in fire-proof suits. If you want to be entertained for a while and have enough chips and soda next to you, you can go to the YouTube playlist "Every Apple TV Ads (Ever made)"and then press the" Play all "button. Have a good chat! :)

Here is a small selection of my personal favorites:

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