5 app recommendations in August 2022

It's the tenth day of the month again, which means on the Sir Apfelot Blog I'm introducing you to five Mac apps that can help you with various tasks. Together with the recommendations from the last few months, you already have dozens of recommendations that you can use to optimize your workflow on the Mac, iMac and MacBook. There are apps from the areas of office, media, macOS tools, creativity, and, and, and. A list of previous posts can be found below. Below are the current recommendations for notes and calculations, screenshots, HomeKit, tab management and Mac remote access.

1. Fig

Figr is a free Mac app for taking notes, calculations, and other helpful notes that might otherwise end up on a piece of paper. Unlike the notes app from Apple, which admittedly already has extensive usage options, the Figr app understands clarity and practical tools. You can calculate equations, convert values ​​in different units and even solve more complex tasks. The whole thing is compatible with the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook macOS 10.10 Yosemite from 2014. But also under macOS 12 Monterey on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro Chip the app works great (tested for you!).

2nd shottr

Shottr is a help for everyone who is neither everyone Keyboard shortcuts for Mac screenshots remember want to have a specific software for editing screenshots. The Shottr app not only offers a selection of screenshot options in the menu bar (full screen, individual program window, selected area, entire website incl. scroll down, etc.), but also practical tools for editing. For example, if you want to make text unrecognizable, it can be pixelated with just a few clicks. In addition, individual elements of the image (letters, symbols, etc.) are recognized so that they can be selected and edited individually. As a hobby project, the app is offered free of charge.

  • Name: Shottr
  • Category: Utilities / Image Editor
  • Price: Free
  • Info and download: Website

3. Homie

Homie is an app from a completely different field, although it also resides as a small icon in the macOS menu bar. The Homie App allows access to HomeKit devices and features with just a few clicks. Depending on the devices used, certain values ​​can be queried or actions can be triggered - e.g. B. switch on the light or select light scenes. If you want it to be even faster, then some HomeKit elements can be placed directly in the menu bar, so that only a single click is required for use. The app is "Made in Germany" and the current version 1.1 supports sensors, lamps, loudspeakers, air purifiers, roller shutters, garage door openers, smoke detectors and door locks.

  • Name: homie
  • Category: Utilities / Smart Home Controls
  • Price: Free with paid Pro features
  • Info: Website
  • Download: App Store

4. Tabby

Tabby is another Mac app that settles into the menu bar as a little helper - but again with the solution to a completely different problem. And this is called tab groups. If you have multiple tabs and tab groups in Safari, Chrome, Edge, Brave and others based on Chromium web browsers uses, then you can bundle them with the Tabby App and freely choose from them. With just one click, an overview of all open and saved tabs can be displayed in order to keep track of things and to open exactly the pages you need without having to search for a long time.

  • Name: Tabby
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free with paid Pro features
  • Info: Website
  • Download: App Store

5. Screens

Screens is an app that helps you access another computer remotely. Of course, it's not a hacking tool you can use to sneak into any computer. Rather, it is about the possibility of accessing the desktop computer at home from your laptop on the go. If you use a Mac or PC as a server, you can use the Screens app e.g. B. use it for remote maintenance. But support for family and friends can also be handled via it. File transfer between on-site and remote computers works via drag and drop, which can be very practical. 

  • Name: screens
  • Category: Utilities / Remote Access
  • Price: Setapp-Subscription for only 9,99 euros per month (incl. 230+ more Apps)
  • Info and download: Setapp

Setapp offers over 230 full versions of the app at a low subscription price

MacPaw's Setapp offers more than our previous app recommendations combined. Because the software subscription brings you more than 8,99 apps as a full version with all updates and without advertising on the Mac from $230 per month. You only install Setapp for the time being and then look for exactly the apps from the overview that appeal to you. On the Website of the offer you will already find all titles from the categories Maintenance, Lifestyle, Productivity, Mac Hacks, Developer Tools, Task Management, Writing & Blogging, Education, Creativity and Personal Finance listed. CleanMyMac X is there as well as VPN, news, graphics, video, text, multimedia and other solutions. Check it out ;)

Even more app recommendations from all categories

For over a year now, I've been presenting you with five Mac apps every month that you can download and use on macOS. Today there was something from several areas. If you are looking for solutions to other tasks on the Mac, feel free to click through the following list. In the past few months, topics have included file encryption, cleaning up the macOS menu bar, clipboard tools, PDF editing, annotating web finds, audio visualization in videos, 3D animations and much more. Here is the overview:

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4 comments on “5 app recommendations for August 2022”

  1. Oliver Mengedoht

    hey ho ;-)

    Tabby looked cool. But as is usually the case, the free mode is only for enticing, because up to 5 tabs per window, you hardly need such a tool!

    Pity! Well, the website also says "TRY for free".

    1. Hello Barbara,

      do you have a link to the free version? The only current version I can find in the App Store is Screens 4 for 29,99 euros.

      Best regards

      1. Hi John,

        sorry for the misinformation. Just checked that it now costs something. I got it for free but have had it for a long time.

        With kind regards,

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