5 app recommendations in October 2023

In October you will once again receive a new handful of recommendations for the software equipment of your Apple Mac. Today I have another colorful bouquet of apps for you. In the following list you will not only find one way to use Meta's “Code Llama” language model for a locally usable chatbot, or a program that... macOS Sonoma brings to 80+ no longer supported Mac models. There is also an expanded “About this Mac” display for Macs with Apple Silicon. There is also a tip for text widgets under Sonoma and for the functional expansion of the “Mission Control” view.

1. Ollama

Ollama is an app that you can use on the Apple Mac from macOS 11 Big Sur to use the Code Llama language model from Meta, which is available free of charge as open source material. After downloading from the official website (see below), unpack the app from a .zip archive. When you start it for the first time, there is a short introduction and a note on how to install the command line “> ollama” - because instead of a graphical interface, Ollama ensures that your code runs Llama via the Port can use. With the first command “ollama run llama2” you load the 3,8 GB language model. Prompts can then be entered, questions asked and other entries made to answer them. Please note that Code Llama, as an AI chatbot, can say a lot of nonsense (see screenshot).

  • Name: Ollama
  • Category: LLM loader and chatbot command line
  • Price: Free
  • Information and download: Website
  • Alternative download (source code): GitHub

2. OpenCore Legacy Patcher

Since I lack the resources to investigate installing macOS 14 Sonoma on unsupported Mac models, there is no individual post for this app. Instead, I would like to briefly talk about the OpenCore Legacy Patcher, which is currently available in version 1.0.1. Not only does it help install Sonoma on old Mac models, but it also takes care of hardware support. This is how e.g. B. Support for USB 1.1 on old machines has been brought back. Please note, however, that massive performance drops and other problems can occur because old Macs are not made for modern systems - and conversely the new systems are not made for the old hardware.

  • Name: OpenCore Legacy Patcher
  • Category: System Tool / Hacking Tool
  • Price: Free
  • Information: Website
  • Download: GitHub

3. About this Hack

The About this Hack app takes the opposite approach. It does not ensure that new systems run on old machines, but rather that old functions can be used under current macOS versions. In more detail, it's about the "About this Mac" view (accessible via the Apple logo at the top left). This has been greatly reduced in recent years. While it used to contain a comprehensive overview of hardware and system, screens, hard drive and support options, it is currently fobbed off with a minimal view and a link to the system settings. With About this Hack you can get the comprehensive overview back. Version 1.0.0 has been available for two days. I haven't tried the app myself yet.

  • Name: About this Hack
  • Category: System tool
  • Price: Free
  • Information: 
  • Download:

4. AnyText

I already gave you the Any Text app last year introduced for the iPhone. Because it offers a way to put any text on the lock screen as a widget. This way you can quickly and easily view your shopping list or display contact information if you lose your iPhone and want to be contacted by the person who found it. The last time I saw the app being used was on the Apple Mac (with an Apple chip). Starting with macOS Sonoma, Any Text as a Mac app gives you a way to accommodate text displays on the desktop with the desktop widgets that can be used - notes, reminders, to-do lists, motivational sayings, and so on.

  • Name: Any Text
  • Category: Widgets
  • Price: Free
  • Information: Website
  • Download: App Store

5. Mission Control Plus

Mission Control Plus, as the name suggests, targets another area of ​​the macOS operating system. With “Mission Control” (F3 on current Mac keyboards or swipe up on the trackpad with three or four fingers) you can see which windows are currently open on the active desk and the display/monitor. This way you can quickly and easily find the right program window without having to minimize the ones above it. Mission Control Plus expands this overview with the ability to not only select apps, but also minimize and close them. Instead of completely closing an app, you can only close the active window.

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All previous app recommendations for 2023

All "App Recommendations" posts that I published between June 2021 and December 2022 can be found here: The best Mac apps for 2023 - app recommendations for all areas of application. But in 2023 there will again be an overview every month with five practical Mac apps. And that's why here in the blog you will find lists of Mac app recommendations from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September of this year:

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