5 app recommendations in January 2022

Welcome to the first Mac app recommendation list this year. As in the last few months, at this point you will get 5 apps for the Apple Mac that can help you with a wide variety of tasks. In addition to a brief description of the respective software, information on the price and a link to the source of supply await you. There you will also find information on the system requirements and, above all, on the macOS operating system, which should usually be in one of the current versions. If you haven't found the right thing for you yet, take a look at the previous articles in the series: June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

1. Broadband measurement desktop app

The broadband measurement app for macOS, Windows and Linux is an official software of the Federal Network Agency with which you can log the speed of downloading and uploading your Internet connection. If you find noticeable deficits in comparison with the tariff promises of your provider, then you can achieve a cost reduction with the protocol that has been created since December 1, 2021. The Federal Network Agency offers details on this on its own website. There you will also find information about the mobile apps that can be used on iOS and Android. A more extensive article on the subject I have published at this point.

  • Name: Broadband Measurement
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: free
  • More deets: Website
  • Download: App website

2. Sip

Sip is an app with which you can select any color of the display, save it and put it on the clipboard. This could be of particular interest to designers, as mood boards and similar overviews can be created with it quite easily. In addition, the color composition of graphics, websites and more can be analyzed. Sip is thus an extensively usable color picker with which colors and color codes can be exported to a large number of apps. According to the developers, Sip is used by Google, Disney, Netflix, Adobe, Twitter, Apple and other large companies. You can test the software for free and buy the full version for 9 euros (before taxes).

  • Name: SIP
  • Category: Graphics Tools
  • Price: 15 days free, full version from 9 euros
  • Details and download: Website

3. Ground Zero

Ground Zero helps reset apps on the Apple Mac. This can be necessary if you messed something up in the settings or if you want to set up the software from scratch. You can also use it to free up a bit of hard drive space by deleting presets, plugins and add-ons through the reset. The interface is limited to the essentials - you choose the one you want to reset from a list of installed programs, click on the respective "Reset" button and off you go. The 99 cents are well invested not only in private, but also in the office, in coworking spaces and the like.

4. Tiny softbox

Tiny softbox provides the right light. A "softbox" is actually a light source for photography and film recordings, which uses scattered light to ensure good illumination and not too strong shadows. If you need a light for a photo or other recordings and only have your Mac screen available, you can use the Tiny Softbox App to select the brightness, the temperature and a color filter. This can be useful especially for object photography, for product photos or with a correspondingly large display for portraits. You can find the download for 1,99 euros in the App Store, further information is available on its own website.

5. Speech Central

Speech Central is a text to speech app that helps read texts on Mac. It can read out text from PDF documents, word processing program files, e-books, websites and RSS feeds. In addition, the text can not only be read ad hoc, but also saved as an audio file for later playback. The reading voice can be adjusted in terms of height, speed and other factors. The good thing about it: The app is available as a subscription from Setapp. You can test MacPaw's offer for 7 days free of charge and use all full versions from the categories listed below.

  • Name: SpeechCentral
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: plus 230+ other full versions for only € 9,99 per month at Setapp
  • Details and download: Setapp

Setapp offers over 230 full versions of the app at a low subscription price

SetApp from MacPaw offers more than our previous app recommendations put together. Because the software subscription brings you from $ 8,99 a month over 230 apps as a full version with all updates and without advertising on the Mac. For the time being, you only install Setapp and then look for exactly the apps from the overview that suit you. On the Website of the offer you will already find all titles from the categories Maintenance, Lifestyle, Productivity, Mac Hacks, Developer Tools, Task Management, Writing & Blogging, Education, Creativity and Personal Finance listed. CleanMyMac X is there as well as VPN, news, graphics, video, text, multimedia and other solutions. Check it out ;)

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