Data theft: 500 million email addresses + passwords tracked down by the BKA

According to its own information, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) succeeded in a so-called Underground economy platform Find login credentials. These are around 500.000.000 email addresses and passwords. One can assume that with the platform one side in the Dark Net is meant. But what is even more interesting: the data sets are quite fresh compared to similar cases - some access data were only tapped in December 2016. Hence my question to you: Did you change your passwords in 2017? ;)

The BKA recently tracked down 500 million email addresses and passwords.

Log in carefree anywhere with an email address and a simple password? That can make it easy for data thieves. The BKA recently tracked down 500 million email addresses and passwords.

Are you affected by the data theft? Find out!

The BKA gives in his short message of course not too many details about how to find the records or what their contents are. However, the message refers to the Hasso Plattner Institute and its Identity leak checker pointed out. This service was already here on the blog in this message thematized. And in the current case, you can look there again to see whether your email address is related to data theft. You come straight to the Identity Leak Checker Tool from the Hasso Plattner Institute here..

I am not affected this time.

After 500 million stolen data: BKA advises changing passwords

Check whether your data is affected and change your passwords if necessary. Also think about where you can still use this access data and change your passwords here as well.

It is also advised not to use the same password for multiple services on the Internet. The passwords for the e-mail service, online shops, game sites, dating platforms and the like shouldn't be too simple either. Are your passwords under the Top 10 passwords? Then change it immediately!

Tips for a secure password

Do you use a simple one Hello or hallo123 as a password, then I'm not far from data theft on the Internet. The transformation into h4llÖ + 135 brings you much more security. Here are a few general tips for a secure password:

  • Always uses capital letters, small letters, umlauts, numbers AND special characters in a password - and mixed it up nicely
  • It is best to use eight characters or more in a password
  • Don't use whole words, especially not the names of your partners or pets
  • There should also be no birthdays from you or loved ones
  • Makes the passwords difficult and incomprehensible for outsiders

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