7 × 7 Rubik's Cube: A tough egg - even for speed cube experts

7x7 Rubik's Cube
7x7 Rubik's Cube

The V-Cube 7 is the world's first 7x7x7 magic cube. It offers a lot to nibble on for people who like to do extreme puzzling (Photo: Amazon.de).

Solving puzzles is always a nice activity when the computer is busy with video rendering or other important things. Now there are people who like to play around on the iPhone and others who like to have something in hand to puzzles and for them I discovered something nice: What speed cubing is, I found out today on YouTube. After reading something, I wanted to see which Rubik's Cube variations are now on the market, and that's when I came across this head butt: The first 7x7x7 cube from Verdes Innovations. The cube has 49 fields on each side and is a problem even for good Rubik's cube. You can use some strategies of 5 × 5 cubes, but otherwise you will be thrown into the deep end. So the cube is the perfect part if someone has a friend who likes to puzzles and who has already "gone crazy" with his Rubik's Cube.

Reviews from customers about the V-Cube 7

The way food is Amazon customers are enthusiastic about the cube. The magic cube, who previously had the 4 × 4, the 5 × 5 and the 6 × 6 cube from Verdes, got along perfectly with the 7 cube. If you switch from the 3 × 3 Cube to this one, you might first stand there brooding. But that's what puzzle fun is meant for!

The workmanship of the cube is solid, even if a customer doubts the Speed ​​Cube properties. Its construction is of course a bit "wobbly" than a 3 × 3 Rubik's Cube, but the construction is still praised by many customers. Another advantage: Before a part breaks off, just pop it out of the 7 × 7 Rubik's Cube. You can then just put it back in and the game goes on.

A note for those familiar with the V-Cube: In the 6 version you have a click when you turn the cube and the movement is complete. Due to the design, this is not the case with the 7 × 7 Cube.

Overall, the cube is highly recommended for extreme puzzlers. And a customer has already written that he is now waiting for the 8x8x8 cube. Since I don't know whether the 8x8x8 cube might not have come out in the meantime, just have a look at Amazon. I have a direct search linked here.

And for those who don't yet know what speed cubing is: Here is a short but stunning video from the Speed ​​Cube Championships.

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