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iPhone X Hard Reset - Force Restart

If the Apple iPhone no longer responds to inputs, if it is frozen, does not start properly or is stuck on a bugged app, then this is rather uncomfortable. Because in addition to the display, the [...]

iPhone 13 (mini) & iPhone 13 Pro (Max) Hard Reset - Force restart

If you want or have to force a restart on the iPhone 13, the best thing to do is to use the so-called hard reset. The iPhone 13 hard reset ensures that the Apple smartphone is restarted, even if it is not [...]

[Update] iOS 15 for the iPhone - New update technology and possible problems

The public version of iOS 15 was out yesterday. It can now be installed on all compatible Apple iPhone models. But should you install the new operating system? Or is it advisable to start at the first [...]

Tenorshare ReiBoot: App for restarting and resetting the iPhone

If the iPhone doesn't start properly, the boot process is in a loop, or the screen stays black, a repair restart can help. A hard reset usually works with a key combination. This will make iOS new [...]

iPhone 7 (Plus) Hard Reset - Force restart

If you want to force the Apple iPhone 7 to restart because a bug has paralyzed the device or the screen has frozen for another reason, a hard reset can help. It refers to […]

iPhone 8 (Plus) Hard Reset - Force restart

Do you have to force the iPhone 8 to restart because the display does not respond, the home button doesn't do anything or an app has a resource-guzzling bug? Then the iPhone 8 Hard Reset will help you with [...]

iPhone 11 Hard Reset - Force Restart

In rare cases, the iPhone freezes so that nothing works anymore. The display then no longer allows any entries and key combinations for switching off or restarting no longer work. However, there is a key combination that [...]

iPhone SE (2nd Gen) hard reset - force restart

If you have to force a hard reset on the iPhone SE 2, then you've come to the right place. Because in the following you will find the instructions for the forced restart on the iPhone SE from 2020. These are [...]

iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus Hard Reset - Force Restart

Does the iPhone 6 or 6s stop responding? Is the iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus screen frozen? Then a restart can help. You can force this even if the display is no longer [...]

iPhone 4, 5 and SE Hard Reset - Force Restart

If you have to force a restart on an old Apple iPhone, the hard reset is the way to achieve your goal. So if the iPhone 4, 5 or SE freezes, the system no longer responds or a [...]