Dash Button Dudes: A Blog Full of Ideas for the Amazon Dash Button Hack

amazon dash button hack smart home dash button dudes instructions diy

A Amazon Dash Button Hack to carry out is not difficult for technically experienced users. There are also a lot of ideas for new areas of application for the little buttons, which are actually intended for ordering certain goods on Amazon. I've already given you examples of the regular use of the buttons here shown. This article will now deal with the non-regular application.

26 Ideas for the Amazon Dash Button Hack from the Dudes

If you want to get an overview or want to buy one of the different Dash Buttons, then you will find it auf dieser seite from Amazon an overview. What you can then do with the parts, for example, tell you the "Dash Button Dudes" on their own website created for this purpose.

amazon dash button hack smart home dash button dudes instructions diy

Rewire or perform the Amazon Dashbutton Hack by redirecting the signal in the home Wi-Fi network; Image source (and source of information): dashbuttondudes.com

But why is it all? What can you do with a hacked Amazon Dash button? There are tons of suggestions and ideas on the dudes side. From ordering pizza or beer to recording training or working times to controlling lights or entire entertainment systems in the smart home. A lot can be done at the push of a button; here there are 26 ideas at once (DIY instructions are linked in the article).

Use the Internet of Things (IoT) at home with the Dash button

If you can control your shutters, TV, lights and so on via your home WiFi, for example, then with a little programming skill, a dash button can also be used as a remote control for the so-called Smart Home use. The YouTube user "Kyle Kennedy" shows in his video "Amazon Dash Button Hack (Nuts and Bolts)" that, for example, you can switch an LED light chain on and off with the small WiFi device:

Your opinion on the subject

What do you think of the third-party use of the small Amazon devices? Does integration into your own smart home make more sense than regular use? And would you order an Amazon Dash Button for 4,99 euros and then hack it or redirect its signal in the network? If you have already implemented such a project, then you can also announce this in the comments;)


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