Apple Music should get smart song transitions and “passthrough” features

The WWDC24 starts on June 10th, which is currently causing the cauldron in the rumor mill to overflow. One of the most current rumors about iOS 18, macOS 15 and other new Apple operating systems concerns the music app. While the crossfade function was added to the last major system upgrade, a smart option is to be added this year. This could mean that not only an overlap of the titles, but a transition adapted to the beat or melody is possible. There should also be a “passthrough” feature for music and the QuickTime Player give.

New AI integrations in iOS 18, macOS 15 and Co. could mean audio functions such as smart song transitions and more.
New AI integrations in iOS 18, macOS 15 and Co. could mean audio functions such as smart song transitions and more.

“Smart crossfade” songs in the Apple Music app

I've got you covered with how crossfading songs works in iOS 17 already shown here. You activate the corresponding function in the settings and then use a controller to set the transition time - from one second to a maximum of twelve seconds. During this time, one song becomes quieter (Fade Out) while the next song becomes louder (Fade In). However, it may well be that the rhythm and melody, as well as the singing you hear, don't fit together.

It is rumored that this problem could be solved with iOS 18, macOS 15 and the other Apple systems planned for a launch in autumn 2024. Since Apple will equip its new operating systems with a lot of new AI functions, according to insider information, this is certainly conceivable. The “smart crossfade” should also be able to be set to a length of between one and twelve seconds. In addition to lowering or increasing the volume of the individual songs, certain musical factors could then be synchronized, which makes the transition appear more seamless.

Other new features: Passthrough, Spatial Gaming and more

In a Post In addition to the smart song transition for the music app, AppleInsider also mentions other new functions that will come to the iPhone and iPad as well as the Mac, Apple TV and Co. When it comes to “Passthrough” for music and the QuickTime Player, only the name seems to be clear at first. What exactly it is is only speculation. While the name is reminiscent of the function of VR glasses for viewing the real environment, it is rumored that in the sense of audio use on Mac, iPhone, Apple TV and Co. it is simply a new name for spatial audio or 3D -Audio could be (which I personally don't think is entirely consistent).

There will also be new audio functions for gaming and spatial computing on the vision glasses. “Spatial Gaming” is to be introduced for certain headphones – such as AirPods (Pro) models – as well as for the Apple Vision Pro. Whether this will be a combination of 3D gaming and 3D audio or a way to control hands-free audio is not really clear yet. What we learn from the new leaks, however, is that in addition to obvious AI efforts such as chatbot integrations and generative AI in the image and video areas, Apple also wants to introduce smart functions on a smaller scale. We'll know exactly on June 10th after the WWDC opening.

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