New iPad models: Will Apple introduce the M4 chip next week?

It wasn't until Halloween last year that Apple made a big effort to to introduce the new M3 chip family. And while now, just six months later, not all Mac models are yet equipped with the new Apple Silicon, the M4 is scheduled to be presented next week. At least according to the rumors of some market observers. The reasons for assuming that Apple could equip the new iPad Pro 2024 with the M4 chip are plausible. However, it cannot be ruled out that a special variant of the M4 will be used instead of the M3.

The new iPad Pro 2024 could already come with the M4 to enable AI functions. Details in this report!
The new iPad Pro 2024 could already come with the M4 to enable AI functions. Details in this report!

Reasons for equipping the iPad Pro with the M4 chip

There are several indications that the new generation of Apple Silicon could make its debut in the iPad. At least it could be found in the iPad Pro in order to equip it for modern AI tasks that will be possible with iPadOS 18 from autumn. In detail, these are the points for the corresponding argument:

  • The M4 chip is said to be a revised Neural Engine NPU for locally running AI models. It is therefore better designed for the use of language models and multi-modal AIs than the previous M-chips.
  • In a suspected leak, previously unknown chip data for new Apple devices was found. This indicates either a special M3 chip or the M4 chip - at least in the iPad Pro. 
  • The M4 could celebrate its debut in the iPad Pro - and therefore in comparatively small numbers - because the 3nm chip production TSMC's N3e technology has already gotten off to a good start, but it's not yet so mass-produced that Macs could be equipped with it across the board.
  • Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who, as a very well-connected Apple watcher, is often correct with his predictions, also mentioned an iPad Pro with M4 as a possibility for next week.
  • The introduction of an AI-enabled chip before WWDC24 in June makes sense, as developers can deal directly with the new technology and the new possibilities. When Mac models with M4, M4 Pro and M4 Max come onto the market at the end of the year, they will be in the starting blocks with their apps.

A new Apple Pencil is also expected

In addition to the iPad Pro with M4 chip, models of the regular iPad, the iPad mini and the iPad Air will also be presented next week on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. However, these are not supposed to get an M4, but rumor has it the A17 (or at least a newer chip than the A14) in the iPad and iPad mini as well as the M2 in the iPad Air. There will also be a new Apple Pencil that will be compatible with the iPad Pro – and generally with other iPad models. It is expected with a push button and haptic feedback. We'll have to see what all of the above turns out to be true. You can find out more about the event here: Apple announces event for May 7, 2024.

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    1. Jen Kleinholz

      There was just a leak in some shop that was advertising some discounts on Vision Pro accessories that are valid this week. Would somehow fit with the international launch of the Vision Pro. But to be honest: If people are already talking about AI chips and M4 and a cheaper version of the Vision Pro, then I wouldn't buy an AVP anymore. I think this is worth waiting for...

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