Book cheap rental cars: VPN for better prices on the Internet

If you want to use an internet car rental for your vacation or business trip, a VPN might be worthwhile. Because depending on the location, you can book your rental car cheaper. How this works and which provider can pay off when renting the car, I've summarized that for you in this little guide.

Searching for a rental car on the Internet with VPN - simply change the server location, find the best prices for the car and save money. This makes vacations and trips cheaper.
Searching for a rental car on the Internet with VPN - simply change the server location, find the best prices for the car and save money. This makes vacations and trips cheaper.

Book a rental car cheaply with a VPN

Using your IP address, the rental car provider whose website you are visiting can determine your location. If it is determined that you are requesting an address from Germany, you will be shown certain prices and additional services, which may look very different for requests from other countries. This is of course not the case with all (especially small, regional) providers - but large, international car rental companies will certainly include certain parameters (estimated income, preferred cars, certain additional services and insurance) in their offers that they create for this or that target group .

This means that you can get a cheaper price for renting a car over the Internet if you access your website via a server in the USA, for example. The provider RUSVPN that I give you already presented here have, that counts on an example on his Website .

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The VPN offers differed quite a lot and the savings when renting a car make up for the subscription costs for the virtual private network in several ways:

Let's go to the website of the car rental company, e.g. from Brazil, and see the price $ 2100 for Mercedes Benz C-Class for 9 days. Now we start the VPN app, connect to the US server, open the tab in incognito mode and find the same offer. But now the same car rental is $ 1450 for 9 days. You save $ 650!

Rent a car cheaper - price depends on the request and destination country

Depending on where you want to book a car for vacation or travel, it may be worthwhile to use a different server to redirect your request. Here, trying is probably more important than studying. However, it is not said per se that visitors from countries with a low average income always get the best price. For example, the insurance that you have to take out for the rental car can have a negative effect on the price. The VPN provider suggested above, which also explicitly deals with the cheap booking of rental cars, has over 335 servers in more than 30 countries available. 

What are your experiences with the topic? Where have you ever been able to save money by using a VPN to compare prices? Feel free to leave a comment - and have a look here: Netflix - Better prices and more choice when streaming over VPN.

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