Buy used iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - the best tips for buying used

iPhone 6 plus in space gray

The two Apple iPhone 6 models have been on the market for almost a year now and in mid-September 2015 the successor iPhone 6s (expected name according to the rumor mill) will be presented. That is why it is worth buying used models. With these you can be sure that they have not been used for a long time and that they are still cheaper than new goods. In the following article I would like to introduce you to a few tips on how to buy a used iPhone 6 cheaply.

iPhone 6 plus in space gray

iPhone 6 plus in space gray - also a popular variant when buying used iPhones (Photo: Apple).

You should pay attention to this before buying - #bendgate and iSight camera

On the Internet in particular, it is easier to make goods look more beautiful or of higher quality than they actually are. In this regard, the iPhone 6 models are bad Bendgate still a term: in other words, the fact that the housing can bend if handled incorrectly. In case of doubt, you should ask the seller for more photos in which you can see the iPhone lying on a table directly from the side - then a possible bend is sure to be noticed. However, only a few models of the 6 plus worldwide were affected.

On the other hand, there is a more common problem with the active optical image stabilization, which is only built into the "6 plus" model. There is a production line here where the iSight camera is defective. Apple recently launched a official recall campaign started. You should also think through other small defects in advance, research and inquire with the seller.

iPhone iSight camera recall

The iSight camera of the iPhone 6 Plus showed defects (blurry photos) in one model series, which led to a recall by Apple (Photo: Apple).

In general, the exterior of the device is not entirely unimportant. Does the display already have scratches or cracks? Do you buy a "flyPhone" instead of an iPhone that has already had several rough landings? It is better to follow up on this and exclude such "accidents" in the sales contract if you want to make a contract. The buttons can also be checked during personal delivery. Do they wobble? Do they work continuously several times in a row? I would pay special attention to the home button here. :)

Display damage: cracks, scratches and hairline cracks in the glass

You should also be careful with private Internet providers who only upload or send pictures on which the iPhone is switched off. Here you can easily cover up scratches and cracks in the display. It doesn't cost anything to ask and if you don't want to mess you up, you can take the two minutes, turn on your smartphone and take a picture of the device that is ready for use so that you can look at the display closely.

Photos of the display are also helpful here if the screen is completely white. This can be done easily by taking a photo of a white sheet of paper and then viewing the photo on the display. With an evenly bright display, even small jumps in the display are easy to spot. Photos from different angles are also more likely to reveal scratches and cracks.

Where can and should you buy a used iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

The largest contact points on the net are of course clear. It's easy, quick and uncomplicated eBay classifieds offer and buy. For example, I found an iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB of internal storage for € 700, € 299 cheaper than the RRP. On eBay there are sometimes even better offers (the same model for 555 €) and of course auctions where bargains are possible.

As in mine Guide to buying a used iPhone 5 noted, these two options are not my favorites. The buyer is not really on the safe side on eBay and similar sites - especially when it comes to private sales. At Amazon it's a little different - and from my point of view even a little better, since complaints and money-back claims go through much faster. Here is an overview of the used offers from Amazon in the color space gray (gold and silver can also be found there as color variants):

Tip: In order to be able to view the "used" offers on Amazon smartphone offers, you may first have to select the purchase option "device without contract". For example, the iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB is available from € 795 (as of 30.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX).

Amazon used market: used devices with functional guarantee

On eBay and similar sites, as I said, I have my concerns about the quality of the products on offer. For this reason, I would rather buy my used iPhone 6 from Amazon. Why? At Amazon, the sellers (including private providers!) Must provide information about the condition, which the buyer may complain about. Here you can find the exact explanationwhat which state means. A return due to an unsuitable classification of the seller is relatively easy to initiate via Amazon and the buying customer is usually on the safe side when it comes to the money return.

Alternative to buying used: B-goods at Amazon

An interesting alternative to a used iPhone 6 or 6 plus could be buying B-goods or second choice. These are iPhones that were used, for example, as an exhibit, but which have almost no recognizable signs of use. But here, too, you should make a comparison to the new price, because some retailers offer B-goods more expensive than the new price from Amazon itself. An interesting strategy for customer acquisition. ;-)

iPhone 6 plus as B-goods

At Amazon, for example, the iPhone 6 plus is available as a discounted "B-stock" - in this case a replacement device from Apple.

Here you will find the two links to the iPhone models as B-goods or 2nd choice:

With guarantee: Buy used iPhone 6 at

I bought a used Apple device from reBuy some time ago. This platform specializes in buying and reselling used equipment. There you can trade in your old iPhone and buy a used iPhone 6.

The big advantage of this variant: offers an 18-month guarantee and an invoice with VAT, which is important for business people.

You can buy a used iPhone 6 at

You can buy used iPhone 6 at and even get an 18-month guarantee. Sometimes the prices there are almost 50% below the new price. The condition of the devices is partially documented with detailed recordings.

The prices at are also very good - of course depending on the condition of the iPhone, so that you can choose a good compromise between condition and price. If you want to have a look at the range there, you can find it here via the search for "iPhone 6" in the offers.

Cell phone exchange option from cell phone providers used instead of iPhone 6

However, if you want a real guarantee on the functionality of the used iPhone and the corresponding price advantage and a suitable tariff, then some providers, such as congstar, can help. With this provider there is the so-called. Cell phone swap optionwhere the customer gets a new smartphone after one year instead of two - the old one is sent back in. However, there are very consistent classifications of what is scratched or defective on the device. For example, scratches in the display lead to a classification as "defective", which then makes an exchange impossible. So be careful before booking. :)

The approximate prices of used iPhone 6 models

As in the guide to buying a used iPhone 5 linked above, I can also give you the platform again at this point rebuy recommend. Here you can find out approximate prices for the purchase; also with regard to damaged devices. Just play around with the different possibilities of the sites and you already know what you can expect for what price.

In any case, I wish you every success, a good price and little hassle when buying a used iPhone 6! Maybe my tips will help you a little ...


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