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If you want to buy the iPhone cheaper, then you should move away from the official Apple Store and look for other reputable sources for cheaper smartphones. Sure, the current iPhone 7 (Plus) is not yet to be thrown after you with blatant discounts. But the iPhone 6 and 6S models as well as the iPhone SE are currently much cheaper from some providers than directly from Apple. In addition to new offers, there are also serious used services that you also have a right to return.

Buy iPhone cheap: It is not only worth comparing in the Apple Store, but also on Amazon, reBuy and discount offers. You can find the comparison for the iPhone SE 64GB below;)

Buy iPhone cheap: It is not only worth comparing in the Apple Store, but also on Amazon, reBuy and discount offers. You can find the comparison for the iPhone SE 64GB below;)

Amazon: Certified and Refurbished

One way to buy the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE or other iPhone models as well as other technology products from Apple and Co. at low prices is through the program Certified and refurbished from Amazon. In the linked article I have already shown you details about the used offer on the sales platform; together with a price list that was current at the time. The good thing about the second hand program from Amazon: You get a 1 year guarantee on the products, like a new Apple purchase;)

reBuy: Proven buying and selling in the test

You can get Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod on the reBuy buying and selling platform. There, too, the technology is checked and, if necessary, upgraded before it goes on sale again. There is a comprehensive article on reBuy with experience in shopping on this page in this post. The prices shown for iPhone models can certainly be corrected downwards again.

Buy an iPhone at a discount store?

I got the idea for this article because of the discount store real,- the iPhone SE with 32GB storage currently for 339€ skin out. Apple offers the same model on its shop page for € 479. The saving is therefore a full 140 €. In return, you can afford a cheap cell phone tariff and a protective cover. However, I don't know what the various claims will look like after the purchase. If you have problems within the one-year guarantee period, you can certainly go to the Apple Store. However, the discounter will not be able to answer specific questions or carry out repairs. With regard to the exchange, it will look poor in an emergency.

Buy Apple iPhone SE cheaper: price comparison

Since the above-mentioned discounter in particular is currently offering the iPhone SE cheaper, I would like to add a small, current comparison at this point. I took a look where you can get the iPhone SE with 64GB of storage at the cheapest price:

  • Amazon certified and refurbished: 369 Euros
  • Buying and selling from reBuy: from 393,99 euros
  • real discounter online shop: 493,45 euros
  • Official Apple online shop: no 64GB version available

Ebay classifieds and Facebook sales groups

If you consider private purchases as a serious alternative because the price offered for the supposedly “perfectly functioning iPhone” is very low, then good luck! I would refrain from private sales via Ebay or Facebook groups with such a device. If you do not access the region and pick up the iPhone directly from the provider, but choose the post, then it can even happen that you get nothing for your money. Has happened to me with completely different products. And call on the lawyer for a ten? Nobody does either ...

Would you rather wait for the iPhone 8?

September 2017 is just around the corner and with it the introduction of the iPhone 8, or "Apple Phone" as it could be called according to some rumors. There are already a lot of leaks, assumptions, rumors and supposed photos of the new Apple smartphone. Even the accidental, short-term release of the firmware for the Apple HomePod allegedly gave insight into the new iPhone. So do you prefer to wait for the iPhone 8 with iOS 11 and technical innovations or do you still want to get a "tried and tested" iPhone SE, 6S or 7 at a low price? And if you've already done this, where was it? Feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. Piet says:


    always exciting, the hunt for the bargain for a premium product!

    But to be honest, I think even an iPhone 6 or 6+ provides all the necessary necessities with a slight camera limitation.

    It doesn't really take more! But it's just great to have the latest gadget with all the bells and whistles. In the end, you have to say that if you have the money easy, you don't have to, everyone else lives very well with an iPhone 6!

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