Cancel Blinkist account - explained in screenshots of the website and the app!

Instructions: How to cancel the Blinkist subscription.

I've been using the premium service of the Blinkist app since I started using it Tried it ages ago. A reader commented on the post today who unfortunately has not found out how to delete your account or cancel your subscription to the app. In order to provide instructions here, I have compiled some screenshots from the app in this article that show how to get from the dashboard to the last step of the termination.

But don't worry, even if you've already removed the app from your iPhone or iPad, you can easily cancel your subscription via the website. I will describe this here as the first way, as it works much easier than via the iPhone app.

Cancel your Blinkist account and unsubscribe - this is how it works via the website or the app.

Cancel your Blinkist account and unsubscribe - this is how it works via the website or the app.

Cancel the Blinkist subscription via the website

  1. gehen
  2. Log in at the top right
  3. Click on "You" at the top right and select "Settings"
  4. Scroll down to "Delete Account"
  5. Click on "Delete account now"
  6. Enter "DELETE" in the text field and "press confirm"
If you are logged into the Blinkist website, click on "You" in the top right corner and then on the "Settings" submenu.

If you are logged into the Blinkist website, click on "You" in the top right corner and then on the "Settings" submenu.


If you scroll down on the "Settings" page, you get to the "Delete account" section, where you click on the text "Delete account" and then confirm the process by entering the word "DELETE" and pressing the button can.

If you scroll down on the "Settings" page, you get to the "Delete account" section, where you click on the text "Delete account" and then confirm the process by entering the word "DELETE" and pressing the button can.

Deleting the Blinkist account via the iOS app

The second way to delete your account and thus stop the premium subscription is via the app. I have documented the process here with screenshots from my iPhone X, but also explain it again in short steps:

  1. Open the Blinkist app (you land on the dashboard)
  2. Click on the symbol with the head at the bottom right.
  3. On this profile page, click on the gear (Settings) at the top right.
  4. Click on "Manage subscription" under "Account".
  5. Scroll down to the point "Delete Account" and click on "I want to delete my account".
  6. A text field opens into which you type the word "DELETE".
  7. Then click on the "Confirm" button.



I hope the post helps to get rid of the subscription. For my part, I am really satisfied with the Blinkist service and, for example, often use it while driving or mowing the lawn to "listen to" a short version of interesting books. If Blinkist doesn't tell you anything yet and you have followed the article to this point anyway, I recommend you my report on Blinkist. It also explains in more detail what the service is all about! ;-)

Update 26.08.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX: Basic access does not have to be canceled!

There was a bit of confusion recently when a reader wrote to me that he didn't have this "cancel" button in his account area. The solution to this problem is that he has "basic access", which is neither a trial subscription nor associated with costs. For this reason, he cannot be terminated.

The button is only visible if you are in the 7-day trial period or have a current subscription.





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  1. Bernd says:

    wrong - deleting the account does NOT end the subscription !!

    and how does it work? especially if the trial subscription is not yet displayed in the subscription period ??

    • sir appleot says:

      Yes, you're right. The subscription can be canceled in this way: "You" in the top right corner> Settings> Account. There it says "Blinkist Premiun: Your account will be renewed on ...". And to the right of it is the "Cancel" button.

  2. Matthias says:

    I also couldn't find out how to cancel the subscription during the 7-day trial subscription. Likewise, I couldn't hear a single track. There was a lock everywhere.

    Now, after paying € 79, the lock is still on everywhere. My account can be seen under the settings (logged in via Facebook) and my email address. Still, I can't hear.

    I think I'll just book the money back and argue. If canceling a trial subscription is so difficult and it is not possible to hear anything despite paying, then it can also be a systematic rip-off.

    Apart from that, I promised myself a lot more choice from the app.

  3. Heinz says:

    After trying desperately to cancel my 7-day trial subscription. I am not sure whether an effective termination came about. The webmaster reacts, but repeatedly avoids answering the question "Has an effective termination come about?".

    Presumably it is fraudulent. In any case, I have no explanation for the cumbersome or impossible cancellation procedure (after the account has been deleted, I also no longer have access to my subscription). The easy way described here does not exist.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz!
      I was in contact with Blinkist support and there is no transition from a trial to a paid subscription. After the 7 days you just have a free basic account. For this reason there is also nothing to cancel ... this term may not have been mentioned for this reason. I can really only describe the support as serious and courteous. You took a lot of time to answer my questions (I asked some questions on behalf of readers).

  4. Heinz says:

    If so, why doesn't Ms. Plamena (support) tell me that the subscription will not incur any costs (on multiple requests)? In addition, the support allegedly could not even determine whether I was booked in a subscription.

    If the so-called account is deleted, there is no way to access anything. That the subscription still exists seems to me intended. From my point of view, that's not serious. That looks a lot like a rip-off to me.


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz! I can only report on my experiences and I also know one or two readers who have had contact with support. All matters were cleared up quickly. I can't say why this is going so wrong with you, but I can't imagine that this is the rule.

  5. Henry the Navigator says:

    Hello Heinz,

    did it work or did you have to pay?

  6. Heinz Hausner says:

    No, I haven't received an invoice yet. But I have also not received an email confirming an effective termination. The doubts remain, clear and simple questions need satisfactory answers for me.

    With Sir Apfelrot, by the way, I have the impression that he is closer to the company than it seems.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz! I only asked the support how it can happen that you as a reader think that you cannot cancel your subscription. Thereupon came the explanation from the support that there is nothing to cancel because you do not take a subscription with the 7-day test. That means there is no contractual basis that you have to terminate. For this reason, no termination is confirmed.

      I am neither related to the company nor by marriage ... if there were crooked things, I would have no problem describing them openly. But the opposite is true. The support people I have been in contact with have been very helpful and helped explain the situation to me.

  7. more annoyed says:

    So I've created a subscription that is subject to compulsory maintenance. but I can't cancel my subscription. You can cancel the subscription via google play. But it doesn't appear here. Nothing at all works via the browser either. I have to say that annoys me extremely. I have to say I find it unheard of to make the termination so difficult. I cannot imagine that this is legal. I can't find any instructions on google that work.
    To be honest, try after 2 hours and look understandably. It just can't be.

    Can any of you give me a tip? Do I really have to call support now? Can't do it ... customer number is not available for a written notice of termination?

    annoyed greetings


    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Daniel! What went wrong with the web browser? I have described the instructions above with screenshots. Where are you hanging Do you come into your account?

  8. Sophia says:

    Hi all,
    i downloaded the app from the playstore today, then logged in with my facebook data and shortly afterwards noticed that it costs money after the trial week. So I wanted to give the whole thing because it said, if I didn't cancel within 7 days, I would have to pay € 79,99 for an annual subscription.
    In the app, in the playstore or in the browser, I can't find the cancel button anywhere. It just says that I have a basic subscription.

    I don't understand why I can't click on kündogen anywhere. Is the basic package just here now and can I get a pre-selected book every day? Does basic automatically change to a trial week that I then have to cancel within 7 days? Or does basic just stay that way until I press "Unlock Premium" and then I only have the 7-day trial, which turns into an annual subscription if not canceled?

    I really don't see through here. Even the whole googling didn't get me any further.
    Only the message from support that I have a basic account.

    I am very annoyed and hope that someone can help me here.

    Best regards,

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Sophia!
      Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Android app. But I would recommend that you get in writing from support again that you have not taken out a subscription that costs money. If they send you this, then you are legally on the safe side, in case they want to tie something off you.
      Otherwise I would log in via the website and see if you can cancel something. If not, then you don't have a subscription that costs anything.

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