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Replace AirPods battery

A few years ago I misplaced my AirPods (1st generation) around the house. After a few weeks I gave up looking and ordered the 2nd generation AirPods. While rummaging through a moving box, I came across my old AirPods and was delighted to have a second pair as a backup.

Battery dead: short joy about recovered AirPods 1

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a short time, because the AirPods batteries gave up after less than 5 minutes during a conference call. And that without making the typical "I'm almost empty" sound. They just went out. That shows how drained the batteries in Apple's wireless headphones are.

Replacing the battery in the AirPods is anything but easy. If you want to have it done by Apple, you pay almost as much as a new pair of headphones costs (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
Replacing the battery in the AirPods is anything but easy. If you want to have it done by Apple, you pay almost as much as a new pair of headphones costs (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

It is not surprising that the batteries in the 1st AirPods generation are slowly giving up the spoon, because they came out in September 2016 and are almost five years old. The number of charging cycles should have easily exceeded the 500 mark with my intensive use, which is often given as the "lifespan" of the batteries.

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Replace the battery yourself - only for precision mechanics with soldering experience

Now my first thought was to maybe replace the batteries myself. I've been able to solder a little since I was a child, but if you want to take the AirPods apart and install two fresh batteries, you have to be able to do more than just solder. Opening the AirPods is still the easiest task, because then you have to fumble out the old batteries and solder the new ones through the tube. Nothing for gross motor skills like me.

Anyone who still wants to take a look at the matter will find it here a video in which you can see how a hobbyist swaps the batteries of his AirPods.

But after watching the video for instructions, I quickly gave up changing the batteries, because I can imagine a lot, but not soldering in the tubes of the AirPods.

Battery replacement by Apple - far too expensive

Next option: battery replacement at Apple ... you could do it, but it is totally pointless, because the repair of these things is quite expensive. You can find the exact numbers here at Apple:

55 euros per AirPod and a flat shipping fee of 11,90 euros

That brings us to 122 euros. And for 128 euros you get at Amazon the brand new AirPods 2nd generation with wired charging case. If you look around for a while, you will surely find it on sale for less than 120 euros - that is, below the price for the repair.

Conclusion: AirPods with defective batteries are electronic waste

So you have to dispose of the AirPods as electronic waste for better or worse or you can find someone who offers battery replacement as a service. I would take advantage of the offer. If you know someone who thinks they can: Please get in touch! : D

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2 comments on "Battery replacement for the AirPods: a video guide and why replacing the battery is not worth it..."

  1. Hallo,
    I had the same problem. In the course of considering not always throwing everything away, I started looking and came across a very good service that made my old Airpods 1 as good as new again: the Airpods doctor in Freudenstadt exchanges the battery quickly and flawlessly at a price which is below Apple's for a handset - for both! Highly Recommended.
    Kind regards
    Ernest Seibold

    1. Hello Ernst! Thanks for the hint. I came across the seller when I was researching the item, but at the time you couldn't order anything because nothing was available. But I would like to test it with my AirPods 1 now. I would be happy if you didn't have to throw them away.

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