Cleaning instructions: What is a soft, lint-free cloth?

If you want to clean a technical device, individual parts and especially a shiny housing or a screen, the advice is often the same: you should use a soft, lint-free cloth. Apple also writes this into the corresponding instructions as one of the first cleaning instructions for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, displays and other devices. You should also not use rough materials, conventional towels or paper towels if you want to avoid scratches and damage to the coating. But what is a soft, lint-free cloth? You can find out here!

What is a lint-free cloth?

Especially with natural fibers such as wool and cotton, but also with polyester fleece, it can happen that individual fibers come loose from the fabric and fall off as dust or become matted on the surface of the fabric. Individual elements from the yarn and their entanglement in the fibers of the fabric lead to the formation of nodules. The resulting nodules are called lint, lint or, regionally, mutsel.

A lint-free cloth is a cloth that is made of a (often long-fiber) material that does not form pills and produces as little dust as possible. In some areas it is also important that the fabric does not shed any lint, individual fibers and the like. In some places there may not be any dust formation due to the material. Especially with cleaning cloths for clean rooms Is that the case.

Is a microfiber cloth lint-free?

A cloth or rag made of synthetic microfiber is not only soft, but can also be considered a lint-free cleaning aid for surface and device cleaning. Depending on the type, quality and use, a slight dust formation may occur, but this has no relevance to cleaning iPhones, Macs, monitors, windows, metal and painted surfaces and so on. Due to the soft surface and the lack of irregularities/bumps in the form of stuck-on lint, a microfiber cloth is well suited for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

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Is the Apple polishing cloth worth the money?

If you look at the expensive Apple polishing cloth, there are a lot of pros and cons. You can find arguments for and against the purchase in Jens' article on the topic: The Apple microfiber cloth – secret weapon or money-making? In addition to the original, you will also receive a polishing cloth from Jemako that is recommended as a cheaper, high-quality alternative. 

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Apple's cleaning instructions: Documents

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