Deactivating Mailbox Pro: This is how you deactivate call forwarding to the mobile mailbox on T-Mobile D1

Mailbox Pro shutdown confirmation

After I switched to T-Mobile D1, the mailbox on my cell phone was of course active again. After a certain period of time, all calls are diverted to "Mobilbox Pro" - as T-Mobile calls the answering machine for the mobile phone number. I am annoyed by this listening to the messages on the mailbox, which you always have to call to find out who called in the first place. For this reason, switching off the mailbox is usually the first thing I do when I get a new mobile phone contract and have changed the SIM card.

Here are the instructions on how this can be switched off on the Mobilbox Pro

Go to the phone symbol in the iPhone and select the "Numeric Keypad" option at the bottom of the screen to get a view of the numeric keypad. Now you type in the following character string:

  • ## 002 # and then presses the green receiverto start dialing.
Switch off the mobile box using the numeric keypad

The mobile box at T-Mobile can be switched off with this character string.

After dialing, the following screen should appear, confirming that the forwarding to the mailbox has been deactivated:

Mailbox Pro shutdown confirmation

You can see this screen on the iPhone as confirmation that the mailbox has been deactivated.




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