Error 3194 when updating iPhone 4

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotHello! I want to update my iPhone 4 with iTunes. Whenever I try that, I get "Error 3194". I have an Apple iPhone 4 and use it with iTunes on my PC. The iPhone is not jailbroken and I want to put the new iOS version on it. What can be the problem here?

Thanks for your help!

/ Steph

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  1. sir appleot says:

    Hi Stephen!
    So after I searched the internet for the error, the basic problem is that your iTunes can't communicate with the Apple server - at least that's the message behind the "Error 3194". It can actually only be one of the following possibilities:

    1. Your iTunes itself is out of date.

    2. You have a virus scanner, a firewall or a router that is disrupting the connection. Please turn off any security software for testing.

    3. You are using TinyUmbrella. Please switch off.

    4. You have changed the hosts file. In Windows go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts and see if it says If so, delete the entire line that contains

    Any of this should actually help.
    Best wishes!

    sir appleot

  2. If it is not jailbroken, the connection to the Apple Internet server will be disturbed differently, since the 3194 error describes exactly that. The best thing to do is to test your network connection via iTunes:

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