Expansion for the Nintendo Switch - Power Bank Grip Combo from CSL

Use the Nintendo Switch for longer while on the go and enjoy better grip ergonomics at the same time - this is possible with the practical accessories from CSL. This offers a 10.000 mAh power bank that can easily be clipped to the console (connection via USB-C). There are also rounded handles for the Joy-Con controllers on the left and right of the console, which are reminiscent of the Pro Controller. This means you won't have any cramps in your hands after playing for up to 18 hours (depending on the Switch model and game). Practical: There is space in the handles for game modules and microSD memory cards. Further advantages of the accessories in this article.

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Data of the CSL power bank handle combination for the Nintendo Switch

  • Manufacturer: CSL Computer
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Width (excluding Joy-Con grips): 16 cm
  • Width (with Joy-Con grips): 26,5 cm
  • Depth: 3,5 cm
  • Weight: 390 g
  • Battery type: Li-Po
  • Capacities: 3,7V, 10.000mAh
  • Charging via USB-C: max. 18W
  • Charging time: 2 to 4 hours (at 18 W)
  • Switch charging: up to 18W
  • Power on USB-A port: up to 18W via QuickCharge
  • Box contents: power bank, 2 Joy-Con handles, USB-A to USB-C cable
CSL - 10000 mAh Nintendo Switch battery case - portable power bank - Switch Charge charger - with...
  • With the CSL Powerbank you have an extra portion of energy for your Switch on the go. It increases the playing time by approximately...
  • The 2 Joy-Con clip-on handles significantly improve ergonomics. The curved bottom fits perfectly in the hand and...
  • The fold-out stand in the back wall allows for 2 angles/positions. | The headphone jack on the Switch...

Completely well thought-out switch extension from CSL

The features of the console expansion mentioned in the introduction do not represent all of the advantages of the offer. Because while the set on the front ensures longer gaming fun, there are other noteworthy elements on the back: a power button for individually switching on the charging function, a USB-C input with 18 watt charging function and a USB-A port with QuickCharge 3.0 for external devices and a stand aid with two positioning positions. Thanks to the latter, the switch can also be used placed on the table.

The Joy-Cons can then be removed for playing along with the grip extensions. Also practical: All important areas of the Nintendo Switch remain free so that the game can be changed, headphones can be used and the ventilation slot on the top of the console is not covered. Although the CSL accessories are clamped to the console, the device on the top offers enough space to continue using the Switch as usual. The volume up and volume down buttons can also still be used.

All the benefits of the power bank grip extension for the Nintendo Switch

Here are all the important advantages of the accessories at a glance:

  • Power bank with 10.000 mAh provides 5 to 13 hours more gaming fun (2017 model) or 9 to 18 hours more gaming fun (2019 model and OLED model from 2021)
  • The clip-on handles ensure better Joy-Con ergonomics and can be used to store a total of two games and two microSD cards
  • USB-C accessories and headphones can still be connected, and all important areas (module slot, volume buttons, ventilation, etc.) are left out
  • There is a stand on the back with two positioning positions so that the console does not have to be held in your hands all the time
  • Charging works via USB-C Power Delivery, four LEDs on the back show the charge level of the power bank; external devices can be charged via USB-A

Overall, this accessory is almost the “jack of all trades” for the Nintendo Switch. However, you have to remove it if you want to put the console in the dock to establish a connection to the television. But that's the case with every accessory - there's no battery pack or similar extensions that are thin enough to fit into the dock with the Switch. That's why the CSL offer, with primarily 5-star and 4-star reviews, is definitely a useful gift for Switch fans. Merry Christmas!

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