Forgot iPhone backup password - what to do on a Windows PC?

What to Do When Forgot iPhone Backup Password How do you get the backup copy of the Apple smartphone to restore data, undo an iOS upgrade or solve other problems? I did a little research on this and would like to present my results to you at this point. This guide is specifically about solutions to the problem on the Windows PC, as there are slightly different, simpler solutions on the Mac with macOS. If you have forgotten the password for the iPhone backup, the following steps on the PC could help you.

Forgot iPhone backup password? Now do you want to read it out and need instructions for the procedure on the PC? Then you are right here! Forgot iPhone backup password, find out, figure out Windows, iTunes

Forgot iPhone backup password? Now do you want to read it out and need instructions for the procedure on the PC? Then you are right here!

iPhone backup: forgot password? Just read out!

Under Windows on your PC, you can read out the password for your iPhone backup using the “Keychain Management” utility. So if you manage passwords comfortably with the tools of the system, then proceed as follows:

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  1. Under Programme you call the Utilities on and in their overview the Keychain management
  2. In the search field (top right) you enter iPhone Backup so that the created backups are displayed
  3. If you have the option Show password activated, you can now read out your iPhone backup password
  4. Now use this password to open / reactivate the backup
  5. If there are backups of several iPhones, the UDID number (see below) for identification

Windows: Find iPhone UDID in iTunes

The UDID is the “Unique Device ID” of your Apple smartphone, i.e. an identification number with which the device can be clearly assigned. Among other things, it is required for activation in iCloud or for the setup app. You can find the iPhone UDID by using iTunes on your Windows PC (or Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook):

  1. iTunes start and connect the iPhone via USB
  2. Select the device in iTunes and click Overview here
  3. The UDID is displayed under the storage capacity and the telephone number

Have you forgotten your iPhone backup password and were able to read it out with these instructions? Or did you find another way to solve the problem? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences;)

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  1. Heath of buses says:

    Hi Jens,
    Here was a tip on how to find a forgotten password to backup the iPhone. I forgot the password to backup the iPad. Is there a tip for finding this password (on the Windows 10 PC)?
    Heath of buses

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello heather! Which password do you mean for Windows 10? The Windows login password? Or for backing up iPad to iTunes on Windows 10? LG!

  2. Kay says:

    iPhone backup: forgot password? Just read out!

    I would like to know how that should work. Where can you find a "Keychain Manager" under windows "Programs" "Utilities"?

    • sir appleot says:

      Yes, sorry ... only available on the Mac. Under Windows the corresponding thing is called "cmdkey". This allows passwords to be viewed and, if necessary, also deleted:

      • Run cmd.exe (possibly with admin rights, depending on which password is to be deleted)
      • all password entries can be displayed with the command cmdkey / list
      • The entry can be deleted with the command cmdkey / delete: target designation

      With the command "Run" under Windows it even works with the graphical user interface:
      Enter the command "control keymgr.dll" in the input field that can be found under "Execute".

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