FRITZ! Box routers that are compatible with 35b supervectoring

The 35b supervectoring is a new type of DSL vectoring, with which up to 300 Mbit / s in the download and up to 50 Mbit / s in the upload can be achieved. What is hidden behind the name, which FRITZ-Box models are compatible with supervectoring 35b and what is involved with VDSL2, VDSL Annex Q, Vectoring Plus or V Plus, I have summarized for you in this guide.

Which AVM FRITZ! Box is compatible with 35b supervectoring and thus offers the fastest VDSL? Find out here!

Which AVM FRITZ! Box is compatible with 35b supervectoring and thus offers the fastest VDSL? Find out here!

Which FRITZ! Box routers are compatible with 35b supervectoring?

The standard used most often by Internet providers and manufacturers for routers, modems and the like is vectoring 17a. The so-called 17 profile is based on existing copper lines and operates in the frequency range around 17 MHz. With a frequency of around 35 MHz, the new 35b supervectoring acts as the latest standard, which allows faster tariffs for Internet and WLAN. The following FRITZ! Box models from AVM are already set up for the v35 standard:

39,01 EUR
Internet and WLAN router for VDSL
The AVM Fritz! Box 7590 High-End WLAN AC + N Router provides up to 35 Mbit / s with the support of VDSL supervectoring 300b. The device also supports the DECT standard from AVM, so that you can use the corresponding FRITZ devices for telephony and smart home.
Internet, WLAN and LTE router for VDSL
The AVM Fritz Box 6890 LTE and DSL modem can also use the advantages of VDSL v35. In addition, the LTE 4G Internet can be accessed via the cellular standard. Dual-band WLAN is supplied in the well-known quality in the WLAN AC + N standards.

What is Supervectoring 35b / VDSL2 / VDSL Annex Q / Vectoring Plus / V Plus?

Behind all these terms is the latest standard for the vectoring of DSL signals so that they can be sent faster and with less interference over existing copper cables. If your provider offers a corresponding tariff with supervectoring 35b, v35 or V Plus (not to be confused with the Veltins mix), then you can use one of the AVM routers listed above. Of course, these are also compatible with "normal" DSL as well as with earlier VDSL standards and, with the appropriate line, offer the respective high-speed speeds for upstream and downstream. All previous DSL profiles are: 8a, 8b, 12a, 12b, 17a, 17b and 30a.

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The copper lines, which are already used for the transmission of Internet data, are compatible with DSL supervectoring 35b; only the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer), or colloquially: junction box, needs to be upgraded. If your connection is less than 300 m away from a DSLAM and your internet provider has supervectoring 35b on offer, you can achieve peaks of 300 Mbit / s in download and 50 Mbit / s in upload with the appropriate tariff. However, the upgrade does not lose compatibility with previous standards. in the AVM advisor you read:

v35 can also be offered from a DSLAM parallel to ADSL, ADSL2 +, VDSL2 (e.g. DTAG like 50MBit / s) and the vectoring (100/40 MBit / s) already introduced by the network operator.



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