Funny names for vacuum robots - my 33 favorites

Anyone who owns a vacuum robot knows how practical these little helpers can be. They suck the dust off the floors and ensure that you no longer have to worry about annoying cleaning – or at least a lot less. Most of the time, the vacuum cleaning robots have a name in the app and this is then also the call name, which you can use to command the device around via a voice assistant.

Now before you keep coming up with a cryptic name like “X1 Omni” or “Roborock S6 Plus”, you can give the robot a funny name that will put a smile on your face in the future if you want to send a command to the vacuum cleaner in the app.

Why should the vacuum cleaning robot have a nice name?

[Fun mode on] A good name for a robot vacuum can help you bond more closely with your new home appliance. It can also help you feel more responsible for the vacuum robot and take better care of it.[/fun mode off]

My undisputed favorite name is of course "Sir Putzalot", but I suppose not everyone likes that.
My undisputed favorite name is of course “Sir Putzalot”, but I suppose not everyone likes that.

But which name is best for a vacuum robot? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Robo: A short and simple name that's perfect for a vacuum robot.
  • Dusty: A fitting name for a vacuum robot that sucks dust off floors.
  • Hoover: This name pays homage to the well-known brand of vacuum cleaners and is therefore particularly suitable for a vacuum robot.
  • Cleo: This name means "the famous" and is well suited for a vacuum robot that does its job particularly well.
  • Bella: This name means “beautiful” and lends itself well to a robot vacuum that looks particularly appealing.

Funny robot vacuum names - my top 33

I mean, the names above are ok, but they're not really funny or funny. That's why I made a list for you of the 25 top names that I think are the best.

  1. The cleaning devil
  2. The vacuumator
  3. Bill Cleanton
  4. Dust in Hoffman
  5. Cat Cleaner
  6. Wiping Miracle
  7. Fast suction
  8. Clean man
  9. household helper
  10. cleaning master
  11. super fluffy
  12. Elon Dust
  13. Crumbs
  14. Munchfred
  15. suction mouth Freud
  16. Kehrbert
  17. Ariel the Maid of Sweep
  18. cookie Monster
  19. sweeping linden tree
  20. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  21. Suction Plus
  22. Count Saugula
  23. Helene wiper (maybe something for wiper robot)
  24. Dirty Harry
  25. Luke Floorwalker
  26. Cleant Eastwood
  27. Wischerman's friend
  28. cat taxi
  29. Hillary Cleanton
  30. Mike Dyson
  31. swallow
  32. Roomba Woomba
  33. Wilma sucking

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments!

How do I change the name of my vacuum cleaner?

Unfortunately, there are no general instructions, but you can usually find the option in the settings of the app that belongs to the vacuum robot. With me in the Ecovacs app, this is relatively easy to do, but you are limited to 16 characters when choosing a name.

Rename Ecovacs
Here you can see how you can give the vacuum cleaning robot a new name in the Ecovacs app. I think it works similarly with other manufacturers as well.


Names of famous vacuum cleaner robots

Here is a list of robot vacuum cleaner names inspired by celebrities and dirt:

  1. Dusty Depp – For a robot vacuum cleaner with a flair for dramatic cleanliness.
  2. Grime Gyllenhaal – Perfect for a robot that fights through the dirt like an action hero.
  3. Crumble Clooney – Stylish and efficient at eliminating crumbs.
  4. Dirtney Spears – A pop star among vacuum cleaner robots that makes the floor shine.
  5. Sweepney Houston – For a robot that reaches every corner with powerful cleaning performance.
  6. Fuzz Federer – A champion in the world of dust removal, always ready for a clean match.
  7. Muck Monroe – Glamorous and effective, it gives dirt no chance.
  8. Dust Damon – A true Bourne cleanliness agent who fights his way through the dirtiest areas.
  9. Gravel Grant – Charming and reliable in removing the smallest dirt particles.
  10. Silt Stallone – Strong and unshakable in the fight against dust.
  11. Dust Eastwood – For the robot that can withstand the wildest dust duels without hesitation.
  12. Grimey Gaga – A real superstar when it comes to removing dirt and glamor from the floor.
  13. Soot Spielberg – Leading the way in the art of clean floors.
  14. Clint Sweepwood – Always ready to clean up the mess with one quick move.
  15. Filth Firth – Elegant and sophisticated, it removes dirt with British precision.
  16. Dustbin Timberlake – Brings sexy back to shiny floors.
  17. Litter Caprio – A heartbreaker who fights his way through the dirtiest corners.
  18. Muddy Waters – A blues legend among robot vacuum cleaners that removes dirt with soul.
  19. Debree Reynolds – Charming and effective, it leaves not a crumb on the floor.
  20. Asher Kutcher – A master of ash and dust removal, always ready for a prank.
  21. Sweep Diddy – For the robot that dances through your rooms to the rhythm of cleanliness.
  22. Dander Radcliffe – Magical in the fight against animal hair and allergens.
  23. Dust Jagger – Rocks any room and doesn’t give dust a chance.
  24. Grime Hemsworth – A true hero in the world of floor cleaning.
  25. Silt Swift – Quick and efficient, it makes short work of any dirt.
  26. Crud Cruise – At high speed against the disorder.
  27. Broom Hanks – The friendly neighbor who quietly sweeps through your apartment.
  28. Dustbin Hoffman – A master of cleaning who knows every corner.
  29. Sweep Streep – Versatile and precise, a true legend among robot vacuum cleaners.
  30. Fluff Freeman – With a gentle voice and strong suction against fluffy dust.

These names give each robot vacuum cleaner a unique personality and make everyday cleaning a fun experience. Who knows, maybe one of these robots will develop the ability to sign autographs!

That's why you should give your vacuum cleaner robot a name...

Why should you give your robot vacuum cleaner a name? Well, the answer is as clear as the freshly polished tile under your kitchen table: personality, charm and a touch of magic in everyday life!

Imagine your little, hard-working helper humming and buzzing around the apartment, as busy as a bee on a coffee run, and all you can say to him is “Hey, robot vacuum cleaner!” How impersonal, how cold! No, no, there's a better way. A name gives it character and turns a simple household appliance into part of the family.

For example, let’s call him “Alfred.” Suddenly Alfred is no longer just a robot. He's the butler you never had, always ready to fight off crumbs and dust while you focus on the truly important things in life, like the perfect foam on your cappuccino.

Or how about “Dusty”, the tireless fighter against the furry things under the sofa? Dusty doesn't work overtime, doesn't ask for a raise and never goes on strike. His only purpose in life is to make your floors shine and be so charming that even the dust mice wave at him before disappearing into his stomach.

A name turns the everyday vacuuming process into an epic adventure. Instead of saying, “I have to turn on the robot vacuum,” say, “It’s time for Sir Sucks-a-Lot to go into battle!” It turns routine into ritual, household chores into heroic quests.

And when the day comes when Alfred or Dusty retires, you won't just replace a robot vacuum cleaner. You will say goodbye to a legend and usher in a new era. Because who can resist a hero who sneaks quietly through the night and has declared dust his archenemy?

In short, giving a robot vacuum cleaner a name is the first step into a wonderful friendship. It's the spark that brings the cold machine to life and gives your home a little more soul. So, which name will you choose?

FAQs about robot vacuum cleaners

1. What is a robot vacuum cleaner? A robot vacuum cleaner is an automated cleaning device that is programmed to vacuum floors on its own. It navigates rooms to vacuum up dirt, dust and other particles without the need for manual intervention.

2. How does a robot vacuum cleaner work? Robotic vacuum cleaners use sensors to detect obstacles, avoid falls and navigate through living spaces. Many models also come with advanced technology that allows them to plan the most efficient cleaning route.

3. Can a robot vacuum clean carpets? Yes, many robot vacuum cleaners are capable of cleaning both hard floors and carpets. However, efficiency on carpets can vary depending on the model and type of carpet.

Questions about naming

4. Why should I give my robot vacuum cleaner a name? Giving a robot vacuum cleaner a name can strengthen the emotional connection to the device and make it a fun and personal part of the household.

5. How do I choose a name for my robot vacuum cleaner? Let your creativity take over your mind and body! Some people choose names based on the robot's function, like “Dusty,” while others take inspiration from famous butlers or characters from movies and books.

Care and Maintenance

6. How often should I empty the dust container of my robot vacuum cleaner? This depends on the size of the dust container and how frequently it is used. In general, it is advisable to empty the container after every use or two.

7. Do I need to service my robot vacuum cleaner? Yes, regular maintenance is important to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning brushes, removing hair and threads, and occasionally replacing filters and brushes.

Technical questions

8. Can a robot vacuum cleaner clean stairs? No, robot vacuum cleaners are currently not able to clean stairs. They are equipped with sensors that detect stairs and prevent falls.

9. How long does a robot vacuum cleaner battery last? Battery life varies depending on model and usage, but many robot vacuum cleaners can work between 60 and 120 minutes per charge.

10. Can I control my robot vacuum cleaner with my smartphone? Many modern robot vacuum cleaners are connected to Wi-Fi and can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to schedule cleaning times and adjust settings even when you're not at home.

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