Finding a cell phone tariff: tips and tricks for the best cell phone contract

Which cell phone tariff is right for me? Do I absolutely need an expensive all-network flat-rate contract in the LTE network for my iPhone? And where can I find cheap offers with attractive benefits? I will answer these and other questions about the mobile phone contract in the following. Because there are a few points that you should keep in mind about this topic. For some users, prepaid tariffs are still very practical. For others, an all-network flat rate with a lot of LTE data volume is the best solution. If you are looking for tips and tricks about choosing the cell phone tariff, please read on;)

Here you will find tips and tricks for comparing cheap cell phone tariffs. Cellular communications don't have to be expensive, but they should have the right services for you. With these tips you pay attention to the most important points!

Here you will find tips and tricks for comparing cheap cell phone tariffs. Cellular communications don't have to be expensive, but they should have the right services for you. With these tips you pay attention to the most important points!

In comparison: prepaid, postpaid and smartphone SIM bundle

Classically speaking, prepaid tariffs are the option of using a mobile phone, in which one has a certain amount of credit on the SIM card loads and then consumes this individually. It is important to note what costs are incurred for a minute of telephony, an SMS and 1 MB data volume. You can easily determine whether such a tariff is worthwhile by estimating your consumption, multiplying it by the costs of the selected tariff and comparing the result with the costs of a flat rate. 

A flat rate for telephony, SMS and / or data consumption is usually available with a certain term - either one month, twelve months or 24 months. Some flat rates are also available for booking in a prepaid model. The good thing about this is that the tariff is only extended for a month if enough credit has been topped up. So if you are just short of cash, you can save directly on mobile phone expenses. With this model, you should pay particular attention to which flat rates (telephony, SMS, Internet) you need and then book.

The last model, the smartphone SIM bundle, should be familiar to everyone. Here you buy a new smartphone (preferably the Apple iPhone with iOS, of course) and at the same time a postpaid mobile phone tariff with a term of 24 months. The monthly basic fee is a bit more expensive than the tariff without a device - but somehow this has to be paid off. Sometimes there is also a one-off payment for the device. Nowadays, these mobile phone contract packages usually offer a flat-rate telephony and Internet flat rate of several GB; sometimes also SMS.

Always compare cheap tariffs and mobile phone contracts!

There are usually a few restrictions, especially with cheap offers that do not come directly from the network operators Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica. For example, sending SMS messages using messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal continues to decrease, it is not uncommon for the provider to forego an SMS flat rate. Even if there is a telephony flat rate in all German networks as well as a high-speed data volume of several GB, sending SMS is partly charged with individual costs. 

Another important point of comparison, in addition to the included content and the price, is the duration of the tariff and contract. You usually do not get a bundle of device and tariff for less than 24 months of contract. All other tariffs without a device are available for a term of one month or more - often advertised as “monthly cancelable”. There are also offers with a term of twelve or 24 months. Due to the long bond, the latter are usually comparatively cheap and well-equipped.

So now you know what is included and what it should all cost. But that's not all; like you, for example, when comparing the hand contracts see, the maximum data rate must also be observed - despite the LTE network, you are sometimes only assigned 2 Mbit / s, but here and there also 50 Mbit / s. This is shown directly in the overview of the website. In addition, bonus options are shown, bonuses are pointed out (there is currently a “Sony PlayStation Classic” included in a tariff) and further details are given. 

Summary for the best mobile phone contract

The best mobile phone contract is not the cheapest. Above all, look at what consumption you have and which offer corresponds most closely to it. Do you make a lot of phone calls and otherwise only use Messenger and no streaming services on your iPhone? Then an all-network flat rate without a fixed SMS price and with little data volume is probably sufficient. Do you have to do a lot of online things while you're out and about and stay in touch with others via video telephony? Then you need more data volume. And so on. So compare tariffs as best you can and don't take the first one. This is probably the most important tip;)

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