HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter (transmitter / receiver) with TOSLINK / SPDIF and aptX HD

The HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is one of the few devices that offers both optical and analog inputs and outputs.

There are plenty of (also significantly cheaper!) Bluetooth adapters on the market, all of which are sufficient to send music from an analog stereo system to Bluetooth headphones. And if you don't have high demands in terms of sound quality, you will certainly be happy with most of the models.

Update 03/2021: Alternative Bluetooth adapter

In the meantime, the updated version of the HiGoing Bluetooth adapter, which I presented to you as an update in 2019 (see below), is no longer available. Therefore, I will briefly show you three alternatives that are at least currently (March 2021) available on Amazon - and even with Prime Shipping, which gives you free delivery as Prime members:

  • Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter with various connections and codecs: View and buy here
  • ZeaLife Bluetooth Adapter Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter with various sockets / plugs including TOSLINK: View and buy here
  • Avantree Oasis Bluetooth audio transmitter with long range and many connection options: View and buy here
10,00 EUR
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ZeaLife Bluetooth Audio Adapter 5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 2 in 1 Sender Receiver aptX Low ...
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No products found.

Update end ...

Update 02/2019: Newer model with codec display

A reader told me that there is now a newer model of the product presented here, which also shows the codec currently in use via LED display. So you can see at a glance whether, for example, the aptX codec is currently being used, or one with more loss because headphones or transmitters could not agree. The newer model is the HiGoing BT1002, which you can also find here in the product box:

HiGoing BT1002
  • ♫ 【LED Status Indicator】 The design of the indicator lights allows you to see the content and manner of the ...
  • ♫ 【Long battery life】 600mAh built-in battery can work more than 20 hours after charging for 3 hours ...
  • ♫ 【Double connection and automatic reconnection】 In TX mode, two Bluetooth headsets can ...

Update end ...

However, there are some use cases where you have to fall back on a Bluetooth transmitter that can do a little more than the others. And here comes the one HiGoing Bluetooth adapter into play, because this is - despite the still low price of less than 40 euros - extremely flexible and also meets the requirements of audiophiles. They use, for example, high-quality Bluetooth headphones like the Beyerdynamic Amiron wirelessthe AKG K845BT or B&O BeoPlay H7 and (older but good) DAPs like that Astell & Kern AK100 II or Questyle QP1Rthat have an optical output but no aptX HD Bluetooth.

Even if you used to invest a lot of money in a good hi-fi system, which unfortunately has never heard of Bluetooth, HiGoing can help - provided the signal from the system can be delivered to the Bluetooth adapter via an optical TOSLINK cable become. Why optically? I explain now!

The HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is one of the few devices that offers both optical and analog inputs and outputs.
The HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is one of the few devices that offers both optical and analog inputs and outputs.

Why TOSLINK input and aptX HD?

A special feature of the HiGoing Bluetooth transmitter is the variety of audio inputs. This device can be “fed” with analog signals via a 3,5 mm jack socket and an RCA socket as well as with digital audio signals via a TOSLINK input. The advantage of the optical input is that the signal is not repeatedly converted from analog to digital and vice versa, which would inevitably degrade the signal quality.

In principle, this saves you having to go through the digital-to-analog converter in the audio source and an analog-to-digital converter in the Bluetooth adapter. This of course affects the sound quality, which can be heard with good headphones and high-resolution audio players.

With aptX-HD, the HiGoing offers an audio codec that sounds significantly better than the usual aptX that is supported in Bluetooth headphones. However, due to technical restrictions, it can never be "CD like", as advertised in advertisements (graphic: Amazon).
With aptX-HD, the HiGoing offers an audio codec that sounds significantly better than the usual aptX that is supported in most Bluetooth headphones. However, due to technical limitations, it can never be “CD like” as it is advertised (Graphic: Amazon).

In addition, the aptX HD Codec, which supports a higher transmission rate than the usual aptX, has a very positive effect on the audio quality. In order to benefit from aptX, in addition to the Bluetooth adapter from HiGoing, you also need headphones like the Beyerdynamic Amiron wirelessthat can work with the aptX HD codec.

In addition to good headphones, the most important thing is an audio system that has an optical output so that the HiGoing BT adapter can be fed directly with digital signals.

Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX Low Latency ensure low latency, which is important for the synchronization between picture and sound when watching movies.
Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX Low Latency ensure low latency, which is important for the synchronization between picture and sound when watching movies.

Low latency for videos thanks to aptX LL

A known problem with Bluetooth transmitters is that there is usually an offset between the picture and the sound. The audio transmission via Bluetooth often comes with a certain latency, so that you first see the lip movement when watching a film and then - a fraction of a second later - hear the sound. That is very irritating and spoils the fun of the movie night.

A solution for this is the aptX LL codec, where the “LL” stands for Low Latency. In practice, the HiGoing Bluetooth adapter manages a latency of less than 40 ms, which is no longer noticeable when watching films. In order to use this feature, however, the Bluetooth counterpart (i.e. the headphones) must also support the aptX LL codec.

A note on the side: It is NOT possible to run aptX HD with low latency. Either you use aptX LL with low latency OR aptX HD with approx. 200 ms latency. However, this restriction is based on the audio codec and not on the technical restrictions of HiGoing.

Sending and receiving: RX and TX modes possible

While some Bluetooth adapters can only work as a transmitter or only as a receiver, the HiGoing can be used both as a transmitter (TX) and as a receiver (RX). This makes it significantly more flexible than other systems. In practice, this means that you can use it both to connect your Bluetooth headphones to an audio player without Bluetooth functionality and to "feed" an amplifier with an analogue or optical input via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth adapter from HiGoing offers many connection options and can be used both as a transmitter and as a receiver (photos: Amazon).
The Bluetooth adapter from HiGoing offers many connection options and can be used both as a transmitter and as a receiver (photos: Amazon).

Bluetooth splitter and double connection possible

Another very practical feature is the possible double connection in RX or TX mode (see also Bluetooth splitter). This way, for example, two Bluetooth headphones can be connected to an audio source (with the same signal). A conceivable area of ​​application is that two people can watch a film on TV and distribute the sound to two Bluetooth headphones using a HiGoing Bluetooth adapter (so as not to disturb the sleeping children).

It also works the other way round by sending music from two smartphones to the HiGoing adapter, which can then output it via an analog stereo system. Certainly a much rarer scenario, but here you can also see how much flexibility the HiGoing offers.

A total of up to eight devices can be paired with the Bluetooth adapter, which it automatically recognizes in order to connect to them.

Conclusion on HiGoing

If you want to be flexible and value high audio quality, but don't want to do without the freedom of Bluetooth headphones, you can use the HiGoing BT adapter “send”. For just under 40 euros, it is a pretty good Bluetooth adapter and definitely worth recommending. An optical TOSLINK cable, 3,5 mm jack cable and 3,5 mm RCA cable are included with the device.

HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter / receiver
The HiGoing has some convincing features in store: CSR8675 chipset for Bluetooth V 5.0, aptX HD in TX / RX mode, optical input and output, aptX LL (Low Latency = latency below 40 ms).

More information about Bluetooth

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Solution for the Windows PC: tp-link UB400 in the test

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What do the codec abbreviations in Bluetooth terms mean?

The Sir Apfelot Blog has the right guide for this, too, with all sorts of information and links for further reading. So if you want to know what the abbreviations aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL and LDAC mean, you don't have to stay long on Wikipedia or wander endlessly through Google. We have summarized everything and also showed you what A2DP is all about, what a codec actually is and what it does in a so-called container. Just click into this post for those explanations: Bluetooth aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL and LDAC - what do these abbreviations mean?

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22 comments on “HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter (transmitter/receiver) with TOSLINK/SPDIF and aptX HD”

  1. Hi
    I ordered the adapter from Amazon. It comes with instructions that are printed so small that I can't read them….
    Actually, the adapter is (almost) self-explanatory, but what bothers me is the flashing one. The adapter probably wants to say something ...
    There is now a successor model in which the respective codec is displayed via an LED status display. Is much better in my eyes.

    1. Hello Herbert!
      Can you tell me which is the successor product? I didn't find any evidence of this on Amazon. If you could tell me I would link it here. The LED status display for the codec sounds like a useful improvement! VG! Jens

  2. By the way: I use the HB20 to send streamed music from my laptop (DELL7240 with AC7260 adapter) to the amplifier.

    Windows 10 supports APTX (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/component-guidelines/bluetooth), but apparently it also depends on drivers. In the case of Intel Wifi / Bluetooth adapters such as 7265/3165/7260/3160/8260, a description of how to do this at DELL can download a driver that retrofits APTX for these Intel adapters. Then, during pairing, it will briefly show that APTX is active.
    There is also a "Bluetooth Tweaker" (https://www.bluetoothgoodies.com/tweaker/), which can display the status.

    1. Hello Herbert! Thanks for all your additions! That's very helpful. I also wrote a reference to the newer model at the top of the article, because the codec display is really a good idea. Otherwise you always have to “hope” that the devices have agreed on the best codec. But now you can check it out!

  3. Good day,

    I am unfortunately unable to pair my Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth headphones with the HiGoing (coming from the amplifier's KH output) ... Even pressing the button for seven seconds to reset does not make any difference. Is there a trick? Otherwise everything works (as RX) ..

    Thanks and Greetings


    1. Hello Al! What exactly is the problem? Can you see if the Sony is in pairing mode? Most of the time, LEDs flash around wildly. Problem analysis from a distance is always difficult. : D

  4. Yes, the two are flashing competitively :-) ... thanks for the quick answer! It's not that important either, if necessary, I have a pair of refrigerator-sized Canton speakers (American refrigerator) hanging on the amplifier :-))


    1. Hello Al! Well, then nothing can go wrong when it comes to sound reinforcement! :D But the headphones and transmitter should actually find and pair themselves when they both blink happily. Maybe one of those rare "Oh no, those devices aren't compatible!" opportunities. :))

  5. Just for information for all Sony WH users: I still made it, the seven seconds of pressing on the Sony plus double-clicking when HiGoing led to success at some point.
    Thanks to Count Apfelot!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Al! That's good to know. So basically press all buttons wildly and hope that something will happen. : D

  6. Hello, I also purchased the adapter from Amazon and am actually satisfied if it wasn't necessary to look at the operating instructions from time to time due to LED flashing signals that I am not familiar with. Without aids (glasses), however, nothing is possible. Are the operating instructions not available as a download? Couldn't find anything on the net so far!

    1. Hello Uwe! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the operating instructions on the web either. But if you photograph them with a camera, you can still view them in large format. Alternatively, you can send me the photo and I will include it in the article. Then all other readers who are looking for instructions will be happy. : D

    2. Somehow my comment is being filtered. So try again to publish the mail addresses:

      no response from “customerservice”; [customerservice@higoingdirect.com]

      Response received from “customerservice-de”; [customerservice-de@higoingdirect.com]

      1. Hello Herbert! Yes, unfortunately that is not uncommon at the China stalls. You just don't get any support ...
        But thank you for giving the appropriate email address for support. That will surely help other readers!

        By the way, your comment was not filtered. Comments are only moderated for me and only appear after I have activated them. Otherwise there would be too much spam and crap.

  7. Hello Sir Apfelot
    Thank you for your good contribution to BlueTooth senders / receivers.
    Maybe you can help me with the following.
    I massage people and am out and about with my equipment (couch and sound system).
    It is always the case that the music cannot be played through the customer's system. That's why I always carry around a box with a MINI system with me.
    I would like to have a BLUETOOTH transmitter that sends my music from the smartphone or MP3 player in stereo to 2 separate boxes so that STEREO really comes out of the boxes. So not just 2 times the same sound from 2 speakers.
    Is there such a device? that I can do that with? Sure enough, I still carry a box with a sound system around with me. But STEREO would be a step forward.
    Danek for an answer

    1. Hello Robert! Yes, that's actually a pretty simple thing: You could either use the product that I recommended in this article or you can use a cheap Bluetooth receiver like this one Mpow bluetooth receiver. It receives the stereo music signal from your smartphone and forwards it to your customer's system via cable - also in stereo, of course.

      You would be even easier and more independent with two Bluetooth boxes like that JBL Flip 4. You can couple two of them and then have stereo sound - without having to rely on a customer's system.

      I hope one of the two solutions helps you with your job. I would be happy if you give us a short feedback on which solution you have taken and how it works in everyday life. ;-)

  8. Hi all,

    I'm trying to connect the BT 1002 to my ATV 4 in TX mode in order to send the sound (optically) from the TV via the ATV to the HomePods.
    This works in RX mode, but not in TX mode.
    Does anyone have any idea?
    The goal should be that I turn on the television and the sound is output via the BT1002 via HomePod.

  9. Hi, I have the new model with LED indicators.

    My Beyerdynamic Aventho is connected to the Samsung Note 8 and the Bluetooth adapter via BT.

    Music is heard over the latter. If a phone call comes in on the cell phone, I accept it and make a call via the Aventho. When the conversation ends, the music starts again, but totally choppy / stuttering.

    Does anyone know the problem?

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