Instructions: Cancel or change your subscription in the Apple App Store

app store subscription

If you have taken out subscriptions via the App Store and you want to cancel one, for example, then the question arises as to where you can do this.

The guide on how to find this convenient location follows here:

  1. Open App Store on Mac (or iPad/iPhone).
  2. click on your profile picture
  3. then click on “Account Settings”.
  4. 2-factor authentication should now take place
  5. On the following page "Account data" look for the area "Manage"
  6. in this area there is an entry "Subscriptions" where you click on "Manage".
  7. on the following page you can see the active and canceled but still running subscriptions
  8. Here you select the corresponding subscription and click on "Edit"
  9. On the details page of the subscription, there is a “Cancel” button, which you click on to cancel and then confirm the cancellation again

To show you the process in detail, I have screenshots on the Mac below macOS is coming created, which you can see below.

If you have called up the App Store, you will find the button at the bottom left to get to your own account.
In the account window, click on account settings at the top, whereupon you have to confirm access to the “sensitive data” with a 2-factor authentication.
In the “Manage” section you can access the list of subscriptions.
In the list of subscriptions there is a button on the right to edit the individual subscriptions.
On the detail page of the subscription you will find the button to cancel the same.

My recommendation: check subscriptions regularly

I've found that I always have to look through the subscriptions. I'm sure I have a few more subscriptions than the normal Apple user, but if you look at the list of subscriptions here and there, you can check whether you actually still need all of them.

I spontaneously found two that I don't want to use anymore, which saved me at least 160 euros a year.

Pros and cons of annual subscriptions

In general, I'm a big fan of annual subscriptions, as they often offer a significant discount compared to the monthly price. Nevertheless, I run the risk of forgetting these subscriptions again and again. So the classic subscription trap, as you have it at fitness studios.

If a subscription is not canceled in time, the user is automatically committed for another year and may have to pay for a service that you no longer need or want to use.

This regularly leads to unnecessary costs and frustrations for me, especially when I have already found an alternative for a one-time payment or even a free solution. Hence my recommendation: Check your App Store subscriptions more often.

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