I listened to these podcasts in 2023 (and now recommend them to you)

December is the month of annual reviews. That's why I'll show you at this point which podcasts I listened to in 2023. In addition to technology programs that are thematically relevant to this blog, there are also a few other shows. Therefore, not every recommendation will be for all of you. But maybe there are overlaps in interests and therefore one or two suitable podcast recommendations. Just take a look and feel free to leave your tips as a comment :)

German podcasts

Since I listened to a mix of German and English-language podcasts this year, I'm dividing this post accordingly. I'll start with the German-language recommendations; Afterwards there are a few podcasts in English.

Sir Applerot Podcast

First of all, there is of course the recommendation to listen to the podcast on this blog. For a few months now, Lynne and Jens have been ensuring that you receive (almost continuously) weekly updates on Apple and technology topics - always with reference to current news and/or blog posts. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.


After the in-house podcast, “Drinnies” is actually my favorite podcast in the German-speaking area. The show by Giulia Becker and Chris Sommer (both known from Neo Magazine Royale and ZDF Magazine Royale, among others) was created in 2020 out of the Corona pandemic and continues to be produced by the two of them on a weekly basis. There are insights into current events from the perspective of introverts - there are also snack and media recommendations. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

1 plus 1 – temporary friendship

In connection with the Drinnies podcast, I also discovered “1 plus 1 – temporary friendship”. Two publicly known people are brought together to see whether they could build a friendship. Getting to know each other takes place over several episodes through conversations that arise naturally and/or are advanced by topic suggestions. I listened to the episodes with Giulia Becker and Lena Meyer-Landrut, which was quite funny. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

The AI ​​Podcast

With “The AI ​​Podcast”, an ARD production, there is a recommendation from the broad topic of artificial intelligence. Because AI can do a lot, but it is also overrated. Each episode addresses a question, e.g. B. “How does AI make me more productive?”, “Can we solve the climate crisis with AI?”, “Will AI win the next war?”. So you can choose the subtopic that sounds particularly interesting directly in the episode overview. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify. Here in the ARD audio library.

understand AI

I have already recommended the podcast “Understanding AI” from Deutschlandfunk to you as part of a Sir Apfelot newsreel. Here, too, each episode addresses a specific question - “Does AI drive a car better than me?”, “Can I still recognize fake photos in the future?”, “Are fraudsters ripping off my grandma with the AI ​​grandson trick?” and so on. This show also helps in a low-threshold way to better understand artificial intelligence and its application in various areas. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

Quark's Science Cops

In the WDR production “Quarks Science Cops” Maximilian Doeckel and Jonathan Focke examine various scientific or at least scientific-sounding topics. I had already recommended the whole thing to you in a newsreel regarding the weight loss coach Jasper Caven, his unscientific promises and his rip-off products. Further episodes will also discuss lunar calendars and esoteric fraud, AG1 and other nutritional supplements, microorganisms for the immune system, antidepressants, etc. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify. Here in the ARD audio library.

Cui Bono: Who's Afraid of the Dragon Lord?

This podcast recommendation goes in a completely different direction. “Cui Bono: Who’s Afraid of the Dragon Lord?”, a production by Studio Bummens & Undone, tells the story of the YouTuber Drachenlord (Rainer W.) in five episodes. From its beginnings to the first online bullying attacks directed at him to physical attacks against him and his home, sometimes with 900 people gathering in front of it. The documentary shows how things can get out of control. In addition to the case itself, topics such as reality TV and viewer participation are highlighted as a lead to YouTube, live streams and bullying channeled through it. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

JUMPING BOOTS: Fascho or punk?

“SPRINGERSTIEFEL: Fascho or Punk?” shows the different branches of skinhead youth culture in the 1990s, especially in East Germany. In addition to a former neo-Nazi skinhead, interviewed by presenter Hendrik Bolz, there are z. For example, the parents of the moderator Don Pablo Mulemba also had their say. His mother comes from the GDR, his father from Angola. He was a contract worker in the GDR. The couple left the country, now the all-German Federal Republic of Germany, after the right-wing extremist attacks in the 90s. Furthermore, a punk who is open to anti-fascism has her say and tells her story and that of her family.

The five episodes of the podcast show how various subcultures formed in eastern Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, how right-wing violence was ignored by public authorities and how the violence and murders of that time still play a role today - in politics, society and even schools. As a child of the 90s and grew up in a Saxon village parallel to the neo-Nazi subculture that prevailed there, I find the podcast as insightful as it is frightening. This brings before your eyes and ears what you as a primary school child only knew from hearsay and at the same time didn't understand at all. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify. Here in the ARD audio library.

English language podcasts

Now let’s get to the podcasts in English. Here you will find recommendations from the areas of entertainment, TV shows, food and music. All of the following shows have their own style of entertainment, but added together they are certainly a wild mix that not everyone will like.


“Lateral” is a podcast hosted by British YouTuber Tom Scott (highly recommend his channel!) and features three other people as guests in each episode. Everyone has a question and these questions are asked in turn and an attempt is made to answer them. The whole thing is an entertaining trivia quiz that's great to listen to while walking, doing the dishes, relaxing on the couch or on the balcony. Highlights can be found on the Lateral YouTube channel. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

office ladies

The “Office Ladies” podcast is, among other things, Produced by presenters Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. If these names sound familiar, then you've probably seen the US version of The Office. There they play Pam Beesly and Angela Martin. In the podcast, every single episode of the series is processed, sometimes together with other stars of the show, screenwriters, directors, etc. and often with a look at the corresponding script. Through this and the numerous anecdotes, you as an Office fan learn a lot of new things. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

Taskmaster Podcast

This podcast, hosted by comedian Ed Gamble, breaks down the individual episodes of the British entertainment show “Taskmaster”. Ed Gamble was already a candidate on the show, in which five comedians each season are given different tasks and their solution is observed. He sometimes has other participants as guests, the presenters Alex Horne and Greg Davies or people from the production team on the show. I can only recommend this podcast to Taskmaster fans. If you haven't seen Taskmaster yet, you can catch up on all the episodes on the show's YouTube channel (highly recommended!). Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.


Through Taskmaster I became aware of the comedian James Acaster. I think it's great and can tell you, among other things: Recommend his specials on Netflix. But his appearances on British panel shows like “The Big Fat Quiz” or “Mock the Week” are also great. He appeared on the “Hypothetical” podcast with Josh Widdicombe. The two didn't moderate, but instead invited a new moderator for each episode in order to receive hypothetical scenarios for which they had to find the best solution. The approximately half-hour episodes are entertaining entertainment. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

Off menu

Off Menu is a podcast by James Acaster and Ed Gamble, produced by Plosive. The premise of the podcast is that the two invite their guests to their magical restaurant and put together their dream menu. Basically, it's about finding out what guests like to eat and drink. This includes anecdotes, restaurant and snack recommendations in London and around the world and much more. Numerous British comedians known from Taskmaster and other shows have already been guests. But also many other celebrities. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

Walking the Dog with Emily Dean

In The Times podcast “Walking The Dog with Emily Dean”, the eponymous presenter Emily Dean goes for a walk with her dog and well-known personalities. If they also have a dog, they will be there too. This usually takes place in the guest personality's neighborhood or at least hometown. The podcast, which will be produced by the end of 2022, is ideal for taking a walk. I have - you guessed it - mainly listened to the episodes with British comedians, e.g. B. Alex Horne and Fern Brady. Here at Apple Podcasts. Here on Spotify.

I Miss… Radio (Season 2: Britpop)

Finally, to further examine my UK affinity, there is the radio show “I Miss… Radio” from Apple Music. Season 2 is about Britpop, one of my favorite genres when it comes to music. In four episodes the history of Britpop in the 1990s is, among other things, processed with a focus on Blur and Oasis. And in between there are completely played songs from these and other bands. So it's a great radio show, and without annoying radio advertising. Here at Apple Podcasts.

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