Instructions: Whitelist your email address in iCloud

As a provider for receiving e-mails, iCloud sometimes filters very strictly. Sometimes even verification emails from online shops or other sites do not get through. If you don't want to switch to a different email address, there are various ways to whitelist senders so that their emails flutter into the regular inbox. I have summarized below how you can whitelist an email address in iCloud on Mac and iPhone.

Instructions: Whitelist your email address in iCloud. Remove spam emails from the junk folder, whitelist addresses and other tricks can be found in this guide.
Instructions: Whitelist your email address in iCloud. Remove spam emails from the junk folder, whitelist addresses and other tricks can be found in this guide.

Trust email address: create iCloud contact

If you create a contact and give them the email address in question, iCloud will know that you want to receive emails from this address. There is still no 100 percent guarantee that the mail will also end up in the inbox, but if the wording is strange or similar spam signs, it will probably end up in the junk or spam folder instead of being completely blocked. And this is how you do it:

  1. Go to and log in with your Apple ID
  2. Now select "Contacts"
  3. Click on the plus symbol (+) in the lower left and select "New Contact"
  4. After entering your name, email address, etc. click on "Done" at the bottom right
  5. The corresponding email address should now be on the whitelist

The same should of course also be the case if you create the contact on the iPhone and synchronize it with iCloud. So if you use the mail app on the iOS device under the same Apple ID as on other devices that you use for communication, then proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Mail app
  2. Tap the plus (+) in the top right
  3. Enter the necessary data
  4. Tap on "Done" in the upper right corner
  5. That's it!

Stop marking emails as spam and whitelist senders

If the email in question gets through to you, but ends up in the spam or junk folder, it can help if you move it from there to the regular inbox. The fastest way to do this on the Apple Mac is to drag and drop the mail from one folder to the other. You can also click on it with the right mouse button or with a secondary click (two fingers on the trackpad), select "Move into" and then click on the target folder. That should work in both the Mail app for macOS and

Move email to another folder on iPhone

Moving emails works a little differently on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you use the mobile mail app from Apple there, then you just proceed as follows:

  1. Open the mail app and select the spam folder
  2. Tap and open the questionable e-mail
  3. Tap on the folder symbol (below) and select the target folder

Emails not arriving in iCloud inbox - what to do?

If several mails do not get through and you wait in vain for messages from actually known senders to be received, then there could be a problem with the provider. If you have any questions about the service or if you have specific problems, you can contact iCloud support. You can find this one with this link. The iCloud service as such can also be checked beforehand. If a problem is known and is being worked on, you can see it in the Apple system status. The Apple overview also lists problems with other services such as Apple Pay, FaceTime, iTunes, the App Store and many more. You can find a complete overview in the linked guide.

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4 Responses to “Instructions: Whitelist an email address in iCloud”

  1. Interesting to have found this article!
    I am a little desperate with my iCloud email address, I switched away from GMX but I have the impression that some emails don't come through, not even from the server!
    Is it really the case that Apple completely blocks some mails? That is bad and unusable, and I cannot put any mail on the whitelist if it does not even arrive and I do not know the sender!
    I just don't get some serious newsletters, Apple Support comes with completely standardized answers, I get the same newsletters at Gmail and without any problems, then iCloud Mail is actually unusable or there are still useful tips! But please do not control spam etc., as I said with other providers without problems and Apple does not even let me decide and sort it out from the server and I do not receive mail at all ???

    1. How do you know which emails won't arrive if you don't get them? If you can find out, you should be able to whitelist them too. And yes, every mail server sorts out mail. This seems to be particularly strong with iCloud ... but depending on the anti-spam measures taken by the mail server operator, mails may be rejected and not even forwarded to your mailbox.

  2. Hello and thank you for your answer!
    I had written that I noticed that I no longer receive some of the newsletters I had received from GMX for years on iCloud Mail even though I had subscribed to them there!
    So I subscribed to exactly the same newsletters for the test on Gmail and there I received them without any problems with iCloud Mail nil!
    If it is the case that these mails are not being forwarded by the server, then I find it quite violent when reputable companies are not even treated as spam but are not delivered at all!

    1. Whether T-Online's newsletters are "reputable" is another matter, but yeah, it would be nice if iCloud had more control over that. But you could whitelist T-Online now, couldn't you?

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