Anker USB charger "Smartport" and vouchers from Anker and tizi

Anyone who travels with a smartphone, tablet, camera, etc. over the Easter holidays knows the problem: countless batteries are waiting to be stowed in the much too small pockets. No sooner have the loved ones arrived than it turns out that there is only one free socket available. Oh damn! However, there are some nice ideas for working around the problem.

Charging adapter anchor

With the anchor adapter you can comfortably charge five devices at the same time (Photo: Amazon).

I have the at the mail order retailer Amazon USB charging adapter discovered by Anker, also known as the "Smartport" referred to as. This makes it possible to supply both Apple devices and Android devices (only as an example) with power from one charger at the same time. With the so-called "PowerIQ technology", the adapter automatically recognizes which device you have just plugged in. The device is also not too big with its dimensions (9,1 x 5,8 x 2,5 cm) and also looks very chic on the desk, where you can charge several devices at once and make the whole thing look tidy.

The "Smartport" - a tip for a convenient power supply

If you look at the Anker 40W USB power supply, which is offered by the shipping giant Amazon for just under 23 euros, it quickly becomes clear: you can save space here. Although the device is very large, it also replaces up to five plugs, for which you would of course also need a separate socket. Any combination of devices can be charged with this device at full speed up to a total current of 8A. Five giant tablets on one socket? No more problem with the Anker Smartport.

Anker charging station is compatible with countless devices

Anyone who thinks that only a few smartphones, tablets or other devices can be charged on this device is wrong. According to the manufacturer, ALL smartphones, tablets and USB-powered devices (except Asus Transformer) compatible with the USB port charger. You can connect an iPad, a Galaxy, iPhone, Windows Phone or any other devices or USB gadgets to the charger and charge them all at full speed at the same time. The device does not get hot, at most a little warm.

Short voucher campaign from Anker and tizi

Charge the battery conveniently on the go.

With the tizi Flachmann you can conveniently charge the smartphone or tablet battery on the go (Photo: Amazon).

If you put the USB power supply unit in the shopping cart together with one of three other products, you can currently save five, ten or even 20 percent of the costs. Who the USB power supply and the Astro Mini additional battery with 3000 mAh If you also select the color black, you can use the voucher code at the checkout later FHAAH56E choose. This should allow for another discount, provided that Amazon's offer is still running.

A similar product package is currently also available for which you can enter the promotional code IFTA50FL can enter. Do you buy a charger tizi gas station and the additional battery tizi hip flask with 400 mAh, the price with the code is reduced to 52,58 euros (17,50 euros cheaper if the code is still valid).

My conclusion on the Anker USB charger

If you are looking for a way to charge all your cell phones, tablets and USB devices at the same time (or even without five plugs) and also want to buy the whole thing inexpensively, you should take the current Anker offer. With the voucher codes (which you can find under "Notes and Actions" on the respective Amazon page), the thing is really worth it, because in some cases a fairly large discount is possible for devices that you might not otherwise buy .

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