Mac trick: Reset folder or app icon with just a few clicks

If you have given an app or folder an individual symbol but now want to remove it, it is relatively easy. You don't have to look for the icon file in the app package or necessarily run a terminal command. Basically, a few clicks and a keystroke are enough. This applies even if the icon change is not done manually, but with an app like replacicon was made. The instructions using an example and further steps can be found below.

Reset a changed app icon on the Apple Mac and use the standard icon: You can find the instructions here.
Reset a changed app icon on the Apple Mac and use the standard icon: You can find the instructions here.

Reset a folder or app icon to the default on Mac

If you want to use the app's standard icon or the blue folder for directories under macOS instead of individual symbols, you first have to navigate to the respective storage location. Once you have the app or folder, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click or secondary click on the app/folder
  2. Select the “Information” item in the context menu that appears in this way
  3. Click on the symbol at the top left of the object's info window
  4. Press the backspace key (⌫) on the keyboard
  5. If necessary, enter your password or use Touch ID to confirm the procedure

New app icon is not applied to the dock – what to do?

Have you reset an app's icon to the default icon, but it's not yet adopted for the shortcut in the Dock? That's no problem. In order to adopt the icon change in the dock, you just have to restart it. This works on the one hand by restarting the Mac itself, and on the other hand without turning off the Apple computer using a terminal command. To do this, simply open the terminal and confirms this command with the Enter key:

killall Dock

After confirming the command, the Dock should disappear briefly and then reappear with the freshly loaded icons for the apps and folders stored there. By the way, you can also use the procedure described if something doesn't work as it should when using Replacicon or similar apps. Do you judge e.g. For example, if you enter a new app icon for a program, but then display a completely different icon or a folder icon, then delete it in the app information and make the Replacicon change again. To display the new symbol in the dock, you then use the terminal command again.

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  1. The terminal is actually not necessary. It is also sufficient to start the app via the dock, then the new symbol will automatically be displayed.

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