My tip: Sony ZV-1 II and Sony ZV-E1 with a decent discount

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There are two cameras that I've been wanting to get for weeks and I've just received a newsletter from Foto-Koch informing affiliates that there are still a bunch of cameras and lenses available at mega deal prices. And which cameras are included???? Correct! The two darlings I'm interested in: Sony ZV-1 II and Sony ZV-E1.

I had the Sony ZV-E1 here for a short time, but unfortunately had to send it away again. Now it is officially purchased (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Valid only until October 30.10.2023, XNUMX

It is important, however, that the promotion only runs until October 30.10.2023, XNUMX. Apparently I've already missed the first few days, but luckily there are still a few days in which you can get the bargains.

Discounts: -349 EUR on the ZV-E1 and -143,54 EUR on the ZV-1 II

The two cameras that I find particularly exciting are the ones mentioned above. Here you get such good prices with the discounts that you can't even get anything that comes close to it on the used market.

For example, I looked around for the Sony ZV-E1 in used condition and the best I found from dealers here was 2150 EUR - cheaper than most offers, but still far above what Foto-Koch is offering here : 1873,11 EUR.

Here are both camera offers with the final price:


How to get the deals...

If you go through the links here you will notice that the prices advertised are not the advertised prices. At first I was unsettled because I thought the offer was already over, but in fact the mega deal price is listed a little below the shopping cart button. In the screenshot you can see what I mean.

sony zv e1 deal
Further down in the screenshot you can see the amount that is deducted from the normal price. And that's pretty neat here with the ZV-E1.

So you simply put the products in your shopping cart and in the checkout process you will see that the discount will be deducted.

More mega deals from Foto-Koch

In addition to the two Sony cameras, Foto-Koch also has other offers, all of which can be found in the “Deal area“finds. But I have a list here from the Foto-Koch employee who has put together a few particularly good ones.




I hope there is something exciting for you too. But if you missed this promotion, don't be upset. Black Friday is just around the corner and quite a few providers are already offering lots of good bargains in the weeks leading up to it.

As always, I try to put the best of them into a Black Friday collection post, which I then update every few days. Don't want to miss anything? Then feel free to download ours Sir Apfelot app down and activate the notification for new articles.

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