Now possible: Use your iPhone as an online ID card

As the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (BMI) recently announced, AusweisApp2 is now also available in the Apple App Store. This means that the functions of the electronic ID card from iOS 13.1 can finally be used with the iPhone; no longer just with Android smartphones as well via reader with Mac and PC. Reading out the ID card and using it with the Apple smartphone is possible from the iPhone 7 (2016) model. Apple's relaxed NFC policy has made sure of that.

Thanks to the NFC opening on the Apple iPhone, the electronic identity card can now also be used with the AusweisApp2 - from the iOS 13.1 system.

Thanks to the NFC opening on the Apple iPhone, the electronic identity card can now also be used with the AusweisApp2 - from the iOS 13.1 system.

Use iPhone with iOS 13.1 and above as an e-ID

Like the BMI in a press release showed, only about 10% of Germans use the electronic identity card to handle official visits online. This has been possible with Android smartphones since 2017; now Apple's iOS smartphones are also being added. This requires a newer iPhone with NFC and an operating system from iOS 13.1. The AusweisApp2 app from the official store is also required. Details about the free download can be found below. 

Klaus Vitt, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs and Federal Government Commissioner for IT, says about the renewed iPhone compatibility:

This means that almost all modern smartphones can be used for simple and secure proof of identity in e-government and on-site in administration. The high level of security of the German ID card was successfully transferred to the smartphone, making it more suitable for everyday use and more user-friendly.

AusweisApp2 download for iOS

You can find the free download of the AusweisApp2 app in the official Apple App Store. There are also thumbnails for the iPad. It seems that the app can also be used with iPadOS. Among other things, to apply for a certificate of good conduct, to get pension information, to check the processing status of the child benefit application, to introduce a petition in the Bundestag or to inquire about the points in Flensburg.

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  1. Martin pants says:

    I tried to read my ID with the app (there was a reading process). But it doesn't work because I haven't set up Apple Pay. Visa cards are not supported. Is this a known problem?

  2. Thomas says:

    The readout worked, but how next? What do I do with the information? Also thought that the ID would be saved in the wallet or the app, right?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Thomas! I think the function is designed in such a way that you can "present" your ID to government agencies on the Internet by reading out and transmitting the data live. For this reason, it will probably not end up in the wallet.
      But it would be more practical so that you could leave the piece of plastic at home in the future when you are out and about. But that will probably take a while. The current advantage is that you can do things from home that you would otherwise have to do on site at an authority because you have to show your ID. I think anyway ...

  3. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,

    I have had my electronic identity card since 2010. What I am missing is the 5-digit transport PIN. Can't remember either that I received this one time by letter. In the INet I only find information such as applying for a new personal ID or something similar. Can't you somehow apply for the repeated (?) Sending of this PIN to the authority (district administration department Munich). Do you or a reader know something more precise or where exactly I can find something about it?
    Thanks in advance

    Greeting Horst

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! Unfortunately, I have no idea, but I would ask the authorities. You should actually be able to request the PIN again. VG! Jens

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