Open ISO file on Mac (mount image under macOS)

If you want to open an ISO file, then you have an easy game on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook under OS X or macOS. Because to mount an ISO image, it doesn't take much on the Mac, not even any software or third-party app to be downloaded. How you can easily open an ISO file on your Mac, I'll show you below.

Mounting ISO files on a Mac is very easy. How to open / unzip an ISO file on your Apple computer is what you can read in these instructions.

Mac tip: mount ISO - this is how it works!

If you still mostly need third-party programs like the under Windows and other operating systems VLC player or image opener for disk images, opening the ISO on a Mac under macOS or OS X is very easy: you basically don't need to do anything more than one Double to run on the file. After double-clicking to open the ISO file, the file is mounted directly in the Finder.

If it doesn't help to double-click on the ISO image with the mouse, there is also another way. To mount ISO files on the Mac, you can also go through the disk utility:

  • Opens the Finder and in it the category Program
  • Choose the Utilities
  • Then choose that Disk Utility
  • Click in the menu filing and there Open image
  • Select the ISO file you want to open

Open the image file with the app

Unpacking file carrier images and other packed data bundles on the Mac is sometimes possible with the native tools. But sometimes you need a little extra help. So if you don't just want to open an ISO file, but maybe also .RAR archives and .ZIP directories, then I can give you the guide on the subject Open ZIP file: Mac OS X and macOS solutions recommend that I wrote a month ago. There I have also linked numerous programs and apps for you to open and unzip various formats - or to download them. Among other things, it is recommended The Unarchiver.

How do you go about opening unknown files? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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  1. Julius says:

    So far everything is going great

    My mac is currently running on 10.14 Beta (macOS Mojave) and there you have to go to "File", "Open Image" and then "Image from Folder". Just as a tip for future versions of the operating system.

    Sincerely and thank you very much

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Julius! Thanks for the addition. I haven't installed the Mojave beta yet, but this way we already know how it will work with the new macOS! : D

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