How can I open a .torrent file on a Mac?

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Question: How can I open a file with the .torrent extension on a Mac? I have OS X Mavericks and am looking for a program for it ...

Answer: Files with the ending ".torrent" are BitTorrent files that actually only contain information about one or more files and their possible download sources. You can open these files with a BitTorrent client like "Transmission"Or"μTorrent"Or"BitTorrent", which is also available for the Mac.

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At you will find a client for the Mac that can be used to open .torrent files.

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The use of .torrent files is often an advantage if you want to download larger files. For example, there are some Linux distributions for the Mac as .torrent downloads. The torrent client opens a [peer-to-peer network-> peer-to-peer] to several sources at the same time and offers the currently loaded data itself as a source for download. This speeds up the download time enormously. Due to the simultaneous seeding of the started download, the solution with the Bittorrent Client has a feature that other [download manager for the Mac-> downloadmanager-mac] cannot provide.

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