Operate Spotify with the multimedia keys on the Mac keyboard

Simplify for Spotify
Simplify for Spotify

The OS X app Simplify acts as a music controller for Spotify, iTunes and Rdio and ensures that these services can be operated with the Mac multimedia keys (Photo: AppStore).

I recently started enjoying the Spotify Free Trial Subscriptions. So far I like it quite a lot, but something that bothered me right from the start is that the Spotify desktop player just doesn't listen to the multimedia keys such as forward, back, pause and play on the Mac. Instead of pausing the song in Spotify, the last song in iTunes suddenly starts when you press pause. It's a bit confused.

But like everything in life, there is a solution. And that comes in the form of an OS X App from the Appstore and goes by the name "Simplify". Unfortunately, it currently costs over 4 EUR, which seems quite steep to me, but the app can do even more, because it acts as a music controller for iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. It offers a chic mini player and you can also define keyboard shortcuts for certain actions. The current song is also displayed in the menu bar. With my MacBook Pro that should be difficult, because it has become quite full.

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A tip from Alex (see in the comments): If you want to operate your Spotify or other multimedia programs with gestures, you might find with "Flutter;"Good software. The free Mac app has very good ratings and uses the Mac's webcam to recognize the user's gestures, which then enable, for example, a song forwards / backwards and play or pause. Thanks for pointing this out, Alex!"


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  1. Alex says:

    An app for the Mac (possibly also for Windows) is Flutter here you can pause / start the music and jump back and forth tracks with simple gestures.

    • Alex says:

      Just checked Flutter is also available for Windows. You can also use the following programs on the Mac:
      - GrooveShark
      - Keynote
      - Netflix
      - Pandora
      - QuickTime Player
      - VLC player
      - YouTube
      - and of course iTunes

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