Overview: the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison

Vacuum cleaner robots, or vacuum robots for short, have been enjoying great popularity for several years. You can find the here in the blog since 2017 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review and since 2018 the Roborock Sweep One S50. But then as now, in addition to built-in sensors and processors, as well as the app and the number of side brushes, one thing is particularly important: the suction power. The suction strength of vacuum cleaner robots is often given in Pa (Pascal) and can therefore also be compared. Since I started using the Testor M1 Having found a particularly strong model, I got the idea for the following overview and the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison.

With a suction power of 4.000 Pa, the Tesvor M1 is the most powerful vacuum cleaner robot on the market. You can find more robot vacuum bestsellers and their suction power here in comparison!

With a suction power of 4.000 Pa, the Tesvor M1 is the most powerful vacuum cleaner robot on the market. You can find more robot vacuum bestsellers and their suction power here in comparison!

Overview: Robot vacuum cleaner suction power in comparison

Of course, I cannot compare all vacuum robots and their suction power. That's why I just looked to see which models are currently being bought and rated as good to very good. I have classified the most popular models as well as the relatively new Tesvor M1 in the following table. So you not only have a list of current bestsellers in the field of automatic vacuum cleaners, but you can also see the suction power at a glance. For a complete overview, I have also listed whether there is a wipe function.

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Robot vacuum model Maximum suction power Wipe function Battery Life Price + link
Twotoo T2 8.000 Pa Ja up to 210 min 599,00 EUR at Amazon
Testor M1 4.000 Pa No 80 min (power mode) to 150 min (quiet) 249,95 EUR at Amazon
Roborock S50 2.000 Pa Ja 60 min to 150 min 499,99 EUR at Amazon
eufy 15C MAX 2.000 Pa No Up to 100 min 269,99 EUR at Amazon
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1.800 Pa No Up to 150 min 290,99 EUR at Amazon
Bagotte BG700 1.600 Pa No Up to 100 min 259,99 EUR at Amazon
Coredy R650 1.600 Pa No Up to 120 min 229,99 EUR at Amazon
DEENKEE DK600 1.500 Pa No Up to 100 min 175,96 EUR at Amazon
Orfeld X5 1.400 Pa No Up to 120 min 199,99 EUR at Amazon
Homasy HMHM393ABEU-2 1.300 Pa No Up to 100 min 198,00 EUR at Amazon
Bagotte BL509 below 1.300 Pa Ja Up to 100 min 239,89 EUR at Amazon

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The Tesvor M1 in detail

The Tesvor M1 is currently the vacuum robot with the highest suction power. If it also had a wiping function, it would be ideal. But maybe you are also looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that is mainly used on carpets and wood and should therefore not mop. Then the Tesvor M1 is definitely not a bad choice. Here I have listed a few more details about the device:

  • Manufacturer: Tesvor / Model: M1
  • Four suction levels with 4.000 Pa at the highest level
  • Special L and R brushes for the front of the device
  • Operation via buttons, remote control, app, Alexa or Google Home
  • Depending on the performance level, 80 to 150 minutes running time
  • The dust compartment has a volume of 600 ml
  • Filter technology: 3-fold HEPA filter
  • Coordinated, parallel cleaning without duplication
  • Automatic return to the charging station when the battery is low
  • Scope of delivery: Tesvor M1 robot vacuum cleaner, dust compartment, 2 spare side brushes, remote control, charging station, operating instructions
Vacuum robot, Tesvor M1 with 4000PA power performance Robot vacuum cleaner WiFi Vacuum cleaner robot with ...
  • Extra strong suction power: The M1 is the very latest TESVOR product with the innovative Supclean technology and a ...
  • Cleaning innovation: The newly developed TESVOR M1 has a one-key control and automatically detects where ...
  • Compatible with free APP + ALEXA: The robot can be operated either through the free smartphone APP or through the ...
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