Podcast #021: Amazon One, Robotaxis, Cyberbunker, Translation AI, 3DPets

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The latest Sir Apfelot Podcast covers the following topics: X Corp., formerly known as Twitter, is suing non-profit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) over alleged disinformation campaigns. Amazon introduces palm scan payments in the US, while robotic taxis are now allowed indefinitely in San Francisco. The "Cyberbunker", a bulletproof hoster, is still the focus of negotiations.


Stiftung Warentest rates Siri behind Alexa and Google Assistant, while Meta introduces a new translation AI called SeamlessM4T. Data of 2,6 million Duolingo users has been stolen and Bambu 3D printers are experiencing problems due to a server malfunction. Andrew Zheng, developer of the Find app, was approached by Apple for a position.

The Japanese studio “Digital Will” was blocked by Apple without a clear explanation. In a campaign, Apple shows how the iPhone is used to create animal prostheses. Finally, Apple Vision Pro headset power supply details are revealed.


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The content in detail

X Corp sued CCDH

X Corp., formerly known as Twitter, has taken legal action against the non-profit organization Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The main allegation lies in alleged disinformation campaigns in which X Corp. CCDH accused of ousting advertisers from the platform and spreading misinformation. CCDH has vehemently denied the allegations and X Corp.'s actions. criticized.

Source: nbcnews.com

Amazon One: Palm Pay

Amazon has introduced an innovative payment method in the US that allows customers to pay with a palm scan. This technology uses biometric authentication by scanning the hand structure and vein pattern. Despite advances in technology, there are privacy concerns, particularly over potential government surveillance.

Source: basicthinking.de

Robotic taxis in San Francisco

San Francisco has given the green light to robotic taxis, with no volume or area restrictions. Despite these liberties, there have been a few incidents, including a collision between a Cruise robo-taxis and a fire engine. The new regulations could offer the potential for revenue growth in the robotaxi industry.

Source: golem.de

Cyber ​​Bunker Negotiations

The "Cyberbunker", a bulletproof hoster operated from a former Bundeswehr bunker, is the focus of legal disputes. The bunker has been involved in over 250.000 crimes and there are indications that the case may be retried.

Source: heise.de, heise.de December 2, XNUMX

Stiftung Warentest evaluates language assistants

According to Stiftung Warentest, Alexa is the leading language assistant, followed by Google Assistant, while Siri shows weaknesses. Despite their usefulness, the foundation warns of privacy concerns because these assistants are constantly listening and sending data to manufacturers.

Source: macwelt.de

SeamlessM4T – Translation AI from Meta

Meta has introduced a new translation AI called SeamlessM4T that can translate almost 100 languages ​​in different combinations. The AI ​​was trained on billions of sentences and four million hours of spoken content. Despite its efficiency, it is not recommended for subjects such as law or medicine.

Source: MetaBlog

Data leak at Duolingo

Data from 2,6 million users of the language learning provider Duolingo was stolen and darknet published. E-mail addresses, names, spoken languages ​​and usernames are affected. The data was stolen via an API accessible until March 2023.

Sources: Have I Been Pwned, Bleeping Computer

Server failure at Bambu

Bambu's 3D printers, which are tied to the cloud, had problems due to a server malfunction. This resulted in failed print jobs and damage to devices. Bambu plans to use the LiDAR scanner on some models to check the base plate before printing.

Sources: bamboo blog 1, bamboo blog 2

Andrew Zheng's Find App success

Developer Andrew Zheng has attracted attention with his Find app. The app organizes iPhone photos using machine learning. Despite not studying, Zheng was contacted by Apple and considered for a position on the photos team.

Source: Andrew Zheng's blog

Digital Will blocked by Apple

Apple has blocked the developer account of the Japanese studio "Digital Will" for five months without a clear explanation. This resulted in financial damage of approximately $765.000 and a loss of image for the company among business partners.

Sources: Patently Apple, iPhone ticker

3DPets and Apple

Apple has shown in a commercial how the iPhone 14 Pro with LiDAR scanner is used to create animal prosthetics. 3DPets, a New Jersey studio, uses iPhone to scan animals and use 3D printers to create custom-made prosthetics.


Apple Vision Pro headset power supply details The Apple Vision Pro headset test device has a battery life of about an hour. However, Apple promises two hours with moderate use. There are various loading options, and compatibility issues with certain apps and websites have been identified.

Sources:** Apple Insider and hot online

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