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The latest Sir Apfelot Podcast is about the following: Apple has patented a new AR/VR accessory and is planning a keynote for September 12th where the iPhone 15 Ultra could be presented. In Germany the market for balcony power plants is booming, while in Poland trains have been stopped by simple radio signals. Hackers have them spyware deactivated by WebDetetive, and Apple is suspected of bribery over gun licenses. The company is also testing 3D printing for the Apple Watch and has received a patent for retractable car steering wheels. Customer support is moving to telephone and the 2024 Security Research Program is open.

At this point you will also find all the show notes, sources and comments that we have put together for the individual topics below.

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The content in detail

Apple patents digital stone

  • Patent description: Apple has received a patent for a Vision Pro accessory called a digital “brick.” The accessory could enable persistent objects in AR or VR environments.
  • Modular design: Apple plans to offer various Vision Pro accessories, from fashion items to additional sensors. A modular design would reduce costs and increase adaptability.
  • Functionality: The "stone" could serve as a wearable device storing content such as digital photos or documents. These could later be retrieved by the same or a different XR system.
  • Technical possibilities: The accessories could also integrate more advanced technologies such as cameras and health sensors.
  • Source: 9to5mac.com

More and more "balcony power plants" reported in Germany

  • Increase:
    • 2019 → approx. 3000
    • 2021 → approx. 21.000
    • 2022 → approx. 100.000
    • 2023 → already 300.000
  • Source: Data comes from the Federal Network Agency
  • Market trend: The market for balcony power plants in Germany is booming. Over 300.000 systems are already in operation.
  • Regional distribution: Hesse has the most systems per 100.000 inhabitants. Hamburg, Bremen and Brandenburg lag behind.
  • Growth: Since December 2022, the number of systems has increased by around 200.000.
  • Dark figures: Experts estimate that the actual number of plants is around 1,5 million.
  • Electricity production: A balcony power plant can cover up to 20% of a household's annual electricity needs.
  • More efficient: 800W from 1.1.2024
  • Cost: The acquisition costs are between 400 and 1.000 euros.
  • Source: heise.de

Poland: Around 20 trains stopped with a simple radio signal

  • Attack method: A simple radio signal was used to stop about 20 trains in Poland. The attack is linked to the war in Ukraine.
  • Technical vulnerability: Many Polish trains still use unencrypted radio technology. A right signal on the right frequency can stop a train.
  • Response and Investigations: Poland's domestic secret service ABW has started an investigation. There were no injuries, but there were delays.
  • Hintergrund: The attack was accompanied by a recording of Russia's national anthem and a speech by Vladimir Putin. Poland is a close ally of Ukraine.
  • Cost and risk: With a transmitter that costs around 30 euros, anyone can send the signals that can stop Poland's trains.
  • Source: heise.de

Hackers disable WebDetetive spyware on thousands of smartphones

  • Target of attack: Hackers have infiltrated the infrastructure of spyware provider WebDetetive and disabled its software on approximately 76.794 smartphones.
  • Customer group: WebDetetive markets its spyware primarily to private customers, often for surveillance of domestic partners.
  • Hacker motivation: The attackers left the message “#fuckstalkerware,” suggesting they are against secret spying.
  • Data transfer: All collected data was given to the non-profit organization DDoSecrets.
  • Incident History: A similar attack happened a few months ago against the LetMeSpy spy service.
  • Source: winfuture.de

Apple keynote date official: September 12.09.2023, 19 at XNUMX p.m

  • Keynote logo rumors
    • the new iPhone colors
    • Particles due to 3D printing of housing
    • Shape could mean something to AirPods
  • Source: sir appleot

iPhone 15 Ultra is the new Pro Max

  • Release Date: Probably in the fall, possibly September 12th or 13th. Possible delays of 3-4 weeks.
  • Price: Expected price increase, possibly up to $1,299. Storage options could increase the price up to $2,000.
  • Design: Titanium frame, thin bezels, possibly the lightest 6,7-inch phone ever. New color options: Raw Titan and deep blue.
  • Display: 6,7-inch Super Retina XDR display, ProMotion technology, always-on, True Tone, 2000 nits peak brightness outdoors.
  • Camera: New periscope zoom lens, optical zoom from 3X up to 6x or 10x. Digital zoom options up to 30x or 50x.
  • Camera hump could be bigger
  • Processor: A17 chip with 3nm process, significant speed and power efficiency gains expected.
  • Connections: Expected move to USB-C with Thunderbolt support, possible fast charge at 35W.
  • Source: Macworld

Apple Watch Series 9: First Apple products with 3D printing processes

  • 3D printing: Apple is testing 3D printing to produce steel cases for select models of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.
  • Environment and efficiency: The process aims to increase production speed and reduce the ecological footprint.
  • Technology: The 3D printing process called “Binder Jetting” uses a powder material that becomes steel through heat and pressure.
  • Limitations: Not all Apple Watch Series 9 models are made using the new process. It will initially only be used for selected stainless steel models.
  • Source: 9to5mac.com

iPads against gun licenses: bribery allegations against Apple

  • Hintergrund: Apple wanted to arm its bodyguards after CEO Tim Cook was repeatedly threatened by stalkers. Gun licenses were required for this.
  • Attempted bribery: An Apple executive reportedly offered the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office $50.000 worth of iPads to speed up the issuance of gun licenses.
  • Legal proceedings: The allegations were raised in 2020 and rejected in the first instance in 2021. After a successful appeal by the public prosecutor's office, the case is reopened.
  • In focus: Thomas Moyer, Apple's global security chief, is the focus of the investigation. He is also said to have supported the sheriff's re-election with financial donations.
  • Source: ifun.de

Apple doesn't want support via X.com, Youtube and Apple Support Forums

Apple Security Research Device Program 2024: Applications now open

  • Program goal: Apple invites security researchers to apply for the 2024 iPhone Security Research Device Program (SRDP). The goal is to improve iPhone security and qualify for Apple Security Bounty rewards.
  • Previous achievements: Since the program launched in 2019, 130 highly critical security vulnerabilities have been discovered. Researchers have received 37 CVE credits in the last six months.
  • Rewards: Over 100 reports from SRDP researchers have already been rewarded, with several awards reaching up to $500.000.
  • Special hardware: The program offers a specially designed iPhone 14 Pro for security research, which offers advanced configuration options not possible on regular iPhones.
  • Application time: The online application is open until October 31, 2023. Selected participants will be notified in early 2024.
  • Source: Apple Security Blog

Apple receives patent for retractable steering wheel and pedals

  • Patent content: Apple has received a patent for a retractable steering wheel and pedals in a car. This is intended for use in autonomous driving mode.
  • Driving modes: The car can drive autonomously in certain situations, such as on multi-lane highways. However, manual control is required in urban areas or complex traffic conditions.
  • Interior Flexibility: By retracting the pedals into the floor and the steering wheel into the dashboard, the interior becomes more flexible. This allows the seats to rotate and recline, increasing safety.
  • Technology level: The concept corresponds to Level 4 of autonomous driving, where geographical restrictions exist and manual control is still possible.
  • Production uncertainty: As with many Apple patents, it's unclear whether this technology will ever be implemented in an actual Apple car.
  • Source: 9to5mac.com


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