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In today's podcast episode, we'll explore some burning questions that have the tech world on tenterhooks: What's behind the mysterious NFC glitch iPhone 15 users are experiencing in their BMWs and Toyotas? Why are the prices of our beloved services like Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple One skyrocketing?

And we take a critical look at the ongoing kiosk mode vulnerability that has security experts frowning. We also discuss Apple's controversial environmental decisions, particularly the EU's upcoming change to no longer designate the Apple Watch as "climate neutral." And of course, we're speculating what Apple has in store for us at their exciting event on October 31st - could a fancy new M3 iMac be on stage?

At this point you will also find all the show notes, sources and comments that we have put together for the individual topics below.

Our Apple podcast has finally made it to Apple Podcasts.

Updates for new operating systems: iOS 17.1, watchOS 10.1, macOS 14.1, etc.

  • at the same time: Updates for old operating systems: iOS / iPadOS 15 and 16, macOS 12 and 13
  • small feature updates like Double-Tap on Apple Watch
  • Display of weather in complications should work again
  • Prevent unwanted entries using a proximity sensor (iPhone in your pocket, for example)
  • Support for N64 controllers
  • and lots of little things and corrections
  • security updates



New digital cameras from Nikon and Leica against fake photos

  • the new cameras Leica M11P and Nikon Z9
  • approx. 8700 EUR and approx. 5000 EUR
  • Both cameras allow you to set up tamper-proof information in the meta data
  • the signed metadata can be compared via a server to check whether the image is real → in practice, you upload the photo in question to the initiative and receive feedback as to whether it is stored there as real
  • The function is not yet integrated, but it will probably be retrofitted via a firmware update
  • This is made possible by Adobe’s “Content Authenticity Initiative” (CAI).
  • The initiative was launched in 2019 and the first specifications were available in early 2022
  • Microsoft, BBC, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Reuters and other chip manufacturers are also on board
  • The question is, can’t you still make fake images appear “real”? So, for example, by taking a picture with these cameras?
  • The date, place and time should be stored in a forgery-proof manner
  • once an image is cropped or a pixel is changed, the image should no longer be considered real
  • but you can never prevent people from putting a photo in the wrong context or from intentionally leaving out important parts of the image when taking a photo



ZDF is examining the use of AI in television

This is a possible page summary in German:

  • Chances and risks: ZDF recognizes the potential in generative AI, but takes a critical approach, especially with regard to possible risks.
  • Supporting role: Generative AI serves as a tool for editorial teams, but does not replace human responsibility and decision-making. Compliance with quality standards remains central.
  • Applications: Used in various areas such as automatic subtitles, sign language avatars and script/concept creation.
  • Editorial guidelines: Generative AI is not considered a standalone source; the two-source principle remains. Journalistic care is required, particularly when checking content, origin and veracity.
  • Review and publication: Content created with AI assistance must be reviewed, approved, and published by editors.
  • Privacy Policy: No enrichment of AI tools with sensitive data, except in checked exceptional cases and with the involvement of relevant specialist areas.
  • Transparency for users: Content created using AI will be marked for users if this is journalistically necessary.
  • Openness in developments: ZDF is committed to transparency in its own AI developments.



Consumer advice center informs: Phishing in the name of GMX, Web-de and Volksbank

  • Phishing attack
    • Targobank customers
    • Volksbank customers
    • GMX and WEB.DE customers
    • TF Bank customers
    • Google customers
    • ING customers



Windows PCs with ARM chips as competition for Apple Silicon Macs

  • ARM chips are not only available for Apple, but can also be licensed by other companies
  • Windows on ARM can run on notebooks with AMD and Nvidia chips from 2025
  • Qualcomm previously had an exclusive contract with Microsoft and was the only one allowed to supply chips for Windows on ARM, but this expires in 2024
  • But the bottom line is that the operating system is also an important factor when deciding between Mac or PC



Security gap in kiosk mode on iPhone and iPad has existed for months

  • Kiosk mode actually locks the user into a single app so they can't do anything
  • The single app mode is therefore often used at trade fairs, company premises, museums or schools
  • Security researchers at WithSecure have found a way to escape Kiosk Mode with easy-to-follow steps
  • really relatively easy and possible without any special hardware or computer knowledge
  • Apple was informed about this in June
  • then Apple responds a day later that they do not see the problem as a security vulnerability and the ticket is closed
  • On the same day, WithSecure reports back and asks for clarification on how to remedy the situation
  • Then three more emails come and in October (6 months later) the situation is published



Apple confirms NFC error after charging iPhone 15 (Pro) in BMW and Toyota cars

  • Current error deactivates the NFC mode in the iPhone and does not technically damage it
  • Apple service partners can use the “Apple Service Toolkit 2” software to restart the NFC module
  • only authorized service partners can download the software from Apple's Global Service Exchange Server
  • Apple responded accommodatingly and replaced the defective iPhones
  • Error “recognized” by Apple
  • All iPhone 15 models are still affected
  • various BMW models and Toyota Supra
  • Apple promises a solution this year



Price increases for Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple One

  • In Europe, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade are becoming more expensive – and of course the Apple One bundle too
  • Apple TV+ increases from EUR 6,99 to EUR 9,99 (already increased from EUR 2022 to EUR 4,99 in autumn 6,99)
  • Apple Arcade increases from EUR 4,99 to EUR 6,99
  • Apple One now costs EUR 31,99 instead of EUR 34,95



Apple Watch will no longer be called “climate neutral” from 2026 at the latest (in the EU).

  • Apple is laying on its last Keynote A lot of emphasis is placed on how “green” the company is and how much “greener” it will become
  • The European Consumer Association sees it differently, because the Apple Watch uses CO2 compensation
  • Apple buys into projects that neutralize CO2
  • This questionable technology allows companies to become “climate neutral” by investing money while their products continue to be bad for the climate
  • In addition, the projects in which Apple invests are not seen as sustainable by climate protection groups, as they involve, for example, reforestation in South America, whereby the wood is subsequently burned again or ends up in inferior products
  • “Greenwashing” topic
  • The EU sees this as “misleading advertising” and it may be that Apple will no longer be allowed to use climate neutrality in advertising messages



Apple event on October 31st: M3 iMac and gaming on Apple devices?

  • “Scary Fast” Event
  • takes place on October 31.10st. at 1 a.m
  • It was rumored at Macrumors that the M3 chip would probably get hardware-side ray tracing
  • This would make the chip much more suitable for games with good graphics
  • Sonoma's game mode and the game porting toolkit for developers also show that Apple apparently thinks more about gamers than before


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