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This podcast episode is about new M3 chips, iPhone 17 production in India, Apple and AI, the Apple Watch X, YouTube Premium price increases, pirated copies in the EU and many other topics.

At this point you will also find all the show notes, sources and comments that we have put together for the individual topics below.

Our Apple podcast has finally made it to Apple Podcasts.

Here is also our YouTube video in which we report on what we saw at the Scary Fast keynote:

Contributions to Apple's new M3 chip family and the new Mac models

All contributions by Johannes that are associated with the Keynote and the new M3 chips:

Apple is moving future iPhone production from China to India

  • Apple plans to start production of the iPhone 17 in India first before manufacturing it globally.
  • This marks a significant step in Apple's global manufacturing strategy, as the launch of a new iPhone model takes place outside of China for the first time.
  • The launch of the standard iPhone 17, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is scheduled for the second half of 2025.
  • India is chosen because of its growing importance in Apple's global production.
  • Apple has chosen Tata, an Indian company, as its iPhone assembly partner, strengthening the relationship between Apple and the Indian government.
  • This strategic alliance aims to increase sales of iPhones and other products in India and is part of Apple's growth strategy for the coming decade.
  • India already accounts for about 12-14 percent of global iPhone shipments, and this share is expected to rise to 2024-20 percent by 25.


Mobile communications in trains: Deutsche Bahn wants to have it re-lasered for 50 million euros

  • Deutsche Bahn (DB) plans to improve mobile phone reception in 3300 ICE and IC train cars.
  • Metal-coated window panes should be lasered.
  • Total cost of the project: 50 million euros.
  • Metal coating should make air conditioning more efficient, but interferes with cell phone reception.
  • Current repeaters on trains do not support the 5G standard.
  • Lasering the window panes enables better cell phone reception without losing thermal insulation.
  • Cell phone signals through laser-cut windows are approximately 100 times better.
  • DB is planning similar measures for regional trains.
  • Trains with laser-cut windows are already running in Bavaria and Berlin/Brandenburg.
  • Older discs in ICEs reduced mobile phone speeds from 300 Mbit/s outside the train to 30 Mbit/s inside the train, according to a Vodafone spokesman 3,5 years ago.
  • New trains, such as the ICE 3neo, are already equipped with mobile radio-transparent windows.


Use of pirated copies: Illegal consumption is increasing again in the EU

  • The European Union Intellectual Property Office reports an increase in online copyright infringements in 2022, for the first time since 2017.
  • Demand for illegally copied content in the EU increased by 2022 percent in 3,3.
  • The main cause is TV content, with 48 percent of access to copyright-infringing websites.
  • Christian Archambeau from the EUIPO sees a significant need for action against piracy.
  • Possible reason for the increase: price increases for video streaming services in the last two years.
  • Interesting additional information: In 2015 there was already a study on the effects of piracy on books, films, video games and music
  • commissioned by the EU from the Dutch company Ecory for EUR 360.000
  • Result: Statistically significant declines in sales due to piracy could only be demonstrated for blockbuster films, not for other types of media and even for all other films
  • The EU then suppressed the study and only cited the negative effects of films
  • However, a member of the Pirate Party dug up the study in 2016 and made all the results known


Tesla launches virtual power plant in Puerto Rico

  • Tesla officially launches a virtual power plant (VPP) in Puerto Rico.
  • It could become the largest VPP in the world thanks to 75.000 Powerwall users in the region.
  • The VPP supports the power grid and makes energy sources more profitable.
  • Launched in partnership with Sunova and Sunrun.
  • Potential of the VPP: over 300 MW (for comparison: nuclear power plant delivers roughly 700-1300 MW).
  • Goal: Reduce power outages in Puerto Rico.


YouTube without advertising: In Germany now up to 23,99 euros per month

  • YouTube increases prices in Germany.
  • Individuals: now 12,99 euros/month (previously 11,99 euros).
  • Family membership: now 23,99 euros/month (previously 17,99 euros) – price increase by a third.
  • Music service YouTube Music Premium is included in the premium package.
  • YouTube wants to take stronger action against ad blockers and is planning to tighten them worldwide.
  • Many music and video services are increasing their prices; Apple recently increased prices for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.


Apple Watch X: The next smartwatch model will bring blood pressure features

  • According to Mark Gutmann, a new sensor is expected to monitor blood pressure on the wrist.
  • The new feature will first point out blood pressure trends.
  • Diastolic and systolic blood pressure not yet available in the first generation of technology.
  • Apple Watch 10 is expected to indicate sleep apnea.
  • clinical validation of blood oxygen saturation measurement. would be a step towards letting Apple interpret data
  • New temperature sensors could detect fever in the future.
  • Apple has been researching a technology for non-invasive blood sugar measurement for over ten years.
  • Apple focuses on early detection and prevention rather than patient monitoring.
  • The “Fennel” project, a version of Apple Health for Android, was stopped internally in order not to endanger iPhone sales.
  • An iPhone is still required to set up and use the Apple Watch.


But no private WiFi: iOS 17.1 eliminates a three-year-old bug

  • iOS privacy feature was largely useless until the introduction of iOS 17.1
  • Passive tracking of devices based on the physical MAC address was possible
  • Apple fixed the problem by removing the vulnerable code
  • Since iOS 14, Apple has been generating random MAC addresses for each SSID to maintain privacy
  • In unpatched versions, the real MAC address could be found in multicast messages
  • Security researcher Tommy Mysk discovered the problem and reported it to Apple
  • It is unclear why the error was not discovered for more than three years and whether it was used for tracking
  • Private WLAN addresses are intended to make tracking via MAC address more difficult
  • Android has similar technology, but without the discovered error
  • After the introduction of random MAC addresses, problems occurred in company networks
  • Apple also fixes the bug in iPadOS 17.1, iOS/iPadOS 16.7.2 and watchOS 10.1


Update to iOS 17.2: New features, WLAN problem fixes and journal settings

  • Apple confirms Wi-Fi problems with iOS 17.
  • Wi-Fi problems include connection problems and slow loading websites.
  • iOS 17.2 will be released in late November or December.
  • New features in iOS 17.2: Message announcements, iMessage improvements, sticker and emoji reactions, Quick Translate, diary app “Journal”.


M3 Benchmark: Tests confirm the jump in performance of the 3 nm chips

  • The first benchmarks of M3 Macs appear in the Geekbench 6 database
  • M3 up to 20% faster than M2
  • M3 Max is approximately 45% faster than M2 Max
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max is about as fast as a Mac Studio with M2 Ultra
  • Price: Mac Studio with M2 Ultra → 4800 EUR // MBP 16 inch with M3 Max → 4250 EUR
  • TSMC: 2nm chips are coming in 2025 and even the 3nm chips are already as good as what Intel has planned for 2025


Tim Cook answers questions about AI

  • Earnings call on Apple's Q4 fiscal year 2023 results.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about developing generative AI at Apple.
  • Investments in generative AI planned, services will be gradually introduced.
  • AI and machine learning are already integrated into Apple products, such as personal voice, fall detection, accident detection (iPhone / Apple Watch) and ECG interpretations.
  • Generative AI is not presented in a big show, but is used to improve existing offerings.
  • Quarterly revenue: $89,5 billion (1% decline year-over-year).
  • Earnings: $1,46 per share (13% increase year over year).


Apple Keynote was filmed with the iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • The entire event was filmed with the iPhone 15 Pro Max (Apps: Blackmagic Camera App / Tentacle Sync).
  • Brian Oakes, award-winning documentary filmmaker, directed the filming.
  • It supports ProRes recording up to 4K60 fps and the Apple log encoding.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro are the first smartphones to support the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES).
  • Apple's Jon Carr and Jeff Wozniak served as production consultants. Wozniak has worked on films such as Transformers, Avatar and Iron Man 2.
  • Several iPhones 15 Pro Max were used for filming. Additionally, the Blackmagic Camera app and Tentacle were used to synchronize the devices.
  • Question: What is Apple trying to prove? Yes, you can record films in log format and that allows for more flexible post-production, but I can also do that with an 800 EUR Sony ZV-E10, on which I can even change the lenses.
  • Without a doubt, the end result is very good for a smartphone camera, but this is mainly due to the other equipment and the great experience of the film crew.
  • It would have been nicer if they had filmed a keynote with an iPhone and tools that every amateur filmmaker has at their disposal: camera mounted on a remote-controlled car or dolly rides with an iPhone on a string, or camera stabilization with a brick on a stick, etc.
  • Then you could have shown it beforehand and everyone would have been surprised at how good it was, even if it wasn't “perfect”.
  • Question: Can Apple go back and record future keynotes with professional cameras? Or would that be an admission that the iPhone isn't that good after all?


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