Pre-order iPhone 15 – The best tips to get the iPhone quickly

iPhone fans are no longer camping out en masse in front of stores to quickly get their hands on the new model. But still those who wait quickly with the new one iPhone 15 Plus or iPhone 15 Pro (Max) want to be delivered to their devices tomorrow, Friday, September 15th, before 14:00 p.m. If you also want to be ready early enough and strike on time to get the iPhone quickly, you will find the best tips and tricks here. This means you don't lose any precious minutes when pre-ordering the iPhone 15.

Do you want to pre-order the Apple 15 (Pro) and save time to receive fast delivery? Here you will find the best tips and tricks for quick ordering – via the website, Apple Store app and Amazon.
Do you want to pre-order the Apple 15 (Pro) and save time to receive fast delivery? Here you will find the best tips and tricks for quick ordering – via the website, Apple Store app and Amazon.

Instead of the Apple Store: Pre-order the iPhone 15 from Amazon

On Apple's store page on Amazon The products presented on Tuesday are already listed. In addition to the new watch models, you will find the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max there. If you want to pre-order the new iPhone via Amazon, you can stop by there starting tomorrow.

The good thing about Amazon: Pre-orders are delivered on the release day. That means your new iPhone 15 will arrive on September 22nd - even without a Prime membership! So if you're too slow at Apple and are constantly seeing long delivery times, this is a useful alternative.

The individual product pages are not yet live. You can access it directly here once it has been activated:

Tips for pre-ordering the iPhone 15 in the Apple Store

If you would rather pre-order the new iPhone 15 from Apple, we have a whole list of tips and tricks for you. With these you can send your order in a flash and don't worry if after a short time the delivery times become longer and longer and the week until the start of sales on September 22.09nd. already exceeded.

  1. If you can, use it Apple store app on the iPhone or iPad. Of course, you can also pre-order the new iPhone via the Apple website, but according to some sources the app will be updated more quickly. This could give you an advantage right at the start of the pre-order (September 15.09th, at 14:00 p.m.). You can find the app here in the App Store.
  2. Put together your desired model beforehand and saves it as a favorite. This means you can access the preset order directly at the start of pre-sales and send it straight away. This not only saves you valuable seconds, but you can also spend longer thinking about which model, color, how much memory, whether AppleCare+ or not, etc. you want to choose. Once you have put together the right model, click the “Save for later” bookmark link to save it.
  3. Do not order any accessories or other devices in addition to the iPhone. If there are longer delivery times for the additional products ordered and everything is combined in one package, then the iPhone will of course also take longer.
  4. Also make sure beforehand that your payment details and your address are stored correctly and that you are logged in to the Store app or the Apple website. This saves you more time in the ordering process.
  5. Make sure your Payment methods sufficiently covered is or that Credit card limit is sufficient. Like Jens back then with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I had the same experience with the iPhone 12 Pro when I wanted to pay for it and found that I first had to call the bank and have the limit set high in order to make the payment.
  6. If you pay with a credit card, then of course keep that too Security query code (CVV/CVC number) ready. If you pay with your credit card, this will of course be requested. You will find the three numbers on the back of the card.
  7. Reloading the shop website or Apple Store app is worth it from 13 pm . So you don't have to stress yourself an hour before the start of pre-order acceptance. Reload the website completely with command+option+R. It's best to close the app and open it again. This loads updated content the fastest.

Summary: Pre-order iPhone 15 (Pro) quickly

If you are quick, you avoid the risk of having to accept long delivery times. Even if you have already put together your desired model, pay attention to the delivery time information in the Apple Store on In case you weren't quick enough and September 22.09nd. with the long delivery time already exceeded, then take a look at the Amazon pages linked above. There you can expect a prompt delivery date and you don't necessarily need a credit card; you can also use your checking account to pay directly. I hope our tips for pre-ordering the iPhone 15 help you. Good luck!

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