Provide iPhone with EMEA lock (region lock!) - Unlock possible?

Today I got a question from my reader Matthias, who has a problem with his iPhone abroad:

Hello Sir Apfelot! I tried to buy a different SIM card for my iPhone while on vacation in order to save the expensive roaming costs. After changing the SIM card, the iPhone will of course reactivate itself. Usually this is not a problem either, but my iPhone reported that it would not be able to activate. I called Apple after my vacation and found out that my iPhone was EMEA-locked. It is SIM-Lock-free, but the EMEA Lock is apparently based on regions (EMEA: Europe / Middle-East / Africa). I knew there was a region lock on DVD players, but that this crap is now being extended to cell phones was new to me. Is there a way to do an EMEA unlock? Or do I have to call Apple again to do this?

Greetings, Matthias!

Answer from Sir Apfelot:

Hello Matthias! I've just researched a bit about the EMEA lock and it is probably the case that neither the telephone company nor Apple can or have to do anything about it. The way to get it working again is this:

  1. Insert SIM Card
  2. Restore using iTunes
  3. Restart iPhone

Then the problems should actually be resolved. At least that's what it says in many forums and basically turning devices off and on or resetting devices is common IT practice to solve problems. I just say "Have you tried switching it off and on again?". I'm sure it will also help with your case with the EMEA lock. And if it should still bother me, I would go to an Apple store and ask the closest person behind the genius bar. They should actually have such cases know and can safely bring the iPhone to a delivery state in which it no longer has a lock.

Good luck!


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