Quotation marks at the bottom of Mac and Windows PC - key combination for "and"

If you write in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, the input of "quotes" is usually implemented automatically at the top and bottom when you press Shift + 2. But if you write in a less clever text program, in Photoshop or Affinity Photo, in a web form, the comment box of sir appleot or other text fields, then mostly only a superscript "quotation" is generated. If you also want to generate the quotation mark below on Mac and Windows PC, then the following key combinations will help you;)

Mac: Enter quotation marks below using a keyboard shortcut

On the Apple Mac, the iMac and the MacBook, there is a very simple option under Mac OS X and macOS to implement the quotation mark-down key combination. To do this, simply press Alt + ^ or Option + ^ or ⌥ + ^. The small roof (circumflex or accent circonflexe) can be found on the keyboard at the top left above the tab key. The shift second assignment of the key is the degree °. If you use the old second assignment, you will receive the quotation marks below regardless of the app, web service and text field: ".

The matching curved quotation marks above can be reached on the Mac with the key combination ALT + 2.

The Apple Mac keyboard shortcut for quotation marks below is Alt + ^. This is how you get the ";)" in a WordPress caption.

The Apple Mac keyboard shortcut for quotation marks below is Alt + ^. In a WordPress caption you get the ";) With ALT + 2 the quotation marks go back to:".

Windows: Enter quotes below as a keyboard shortcut

The quotation marks below can also be used on a Windows PC to emphasize certain terms, to represent the spoken language and quotations and to design other things stylistically. The same problem arises here as on the Apple Mac: the characters automatically only appear in apps for word processing or presentation that recognize when words are framed by the Shift + 2 characters. You can also create quotes at the bottom of your Windows PC using a key combination: with a number pad using Alt + 0132, without a number pad as 0132, then mark it and press Alt + C.

You don't want the typewriter quotes on both sides, but the typography quotes above and below? There is also a keyboard shortcut for this on the Windows PC!

You don't want the typewriter quotes on both sides, but the typography quotes above and below? There is also a keyboard shortcut on the Windows PC for this!


Do you want the "" instead of the typewriter quotation marks above typography-Use quotation marks below and above "", but the program you are typing in does not recognize it? Then use a practical one Quotation marks below shortcut key for Mac or Windows PC. In the following I have listed the individual options again so that you can memorize them at a glance;)

"And" on the Mac

  • Alt + ^ and ALT + 2
  • Or just copy here: "and"

"Under Windows

  • Alt + 0132 (enter numbers on the number pad)
  • Or enter 0132, highlight it, then press Alt + C

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  1. Ariane says:

    Thank you for the tip on how I can finally get lower quotation marks. Now only my problem remains: how do I add the matching (!) Upper quotation marks? I am of course aware that Shift + 2 creates upper quotation marks, but they look completely different than the lower ones, namely rather straight, while the lower ones are "curved", see also: "" (admittedly, the difference is not here in the comment field so conspicuous, but in my text already). Is there a solution / key combination for this?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ariane! Yeah, I just tried it. The upper "curved" quotation mark comes with ALT + 2 on my Mac. I'll add that in the article in case other people are brooding over it. : D

  2. Michael says:

    Nice overview: https://typefacts.com/artikel/anfuehrungszeichen

    It's easy on the Mac, but on Windows you have to know the combination:
    below: Alt + 0132
    above: Alt + 0147

    Does anyone know a program that can do this automatically everywhere or an extension for the Chrome browser?

  3. Thomas says:

    Does anyone know keyboard models on which there are already keys for the quotes? I believe that keyboard shortcuts for frequently used punctuation marks are helpful, but are not a permanent solution. Even if the correct spelling in the comment fields of social networks & Co is rather a rarity, in my opinion it should be in the interests of the inventor of the spelling that keyboard manufacturers retrofit here. Does anyone else share this view?

  4. Ruth says:

    Yes I agree. My problem is serious, it has to be my administrator name
    change to cmd, which requires the quotation marks below several times.
    No chance.
    Can't you finally transfer these quotation marks into the keyboard. What is the problem for trained technicians ???

  5. Ralph says:

    Hall, the tip can not yet be. Something is overlooked far too quickly. You should be able to do that in System Preferences -> Keyboard.

    Maybe a topic for part 2?

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