Recommendation: SONOMO thermo-hygrometer in a set of 3

The manufacturer SONOMO has a thermometer-hygrometer combination that I have been using for a few weeks now. Practical for the apartment and house, the small devices even come in a pack of three. This means you can monitor several rooms directly. However, there is no smart home connection; the devices are only intended for local reading of the temperature and humidity. You still have to ventilate manually.

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Thermo-hygrometer: Heating air too dry or room too cold?

The small devices are approximately 5,7 cm high and 4,5 cm wide. On the back there is a recess for hanging on the wall as well as a fold-out stand. Thanks to the latter, I was able to quickly and easily distribute the three measuring devices around my apartment - one in the office, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

This makes it possible to determine directly whether somewhere should be ventilated because the humidity is too high or if the temperature is too low. Even if you have heated enough and you just have to move more to combat the cold, you can tell like this :D

Space-saving packaging and easy commissioning

The thermometer-hygrometer combinations are delivered in a small cardboard box in which there are three further cardboard boxes. These contain the individual devices in which the necessary batteries are already installed. However, the circuit is not closed when unpacking, but is interrupted by a small plastic strip. The devices only turn on when you pull it out of the housing. They then continuously measure the temperature and humidity.

I find this very practical, especially now in winter. If you want to maintain a certain (lower) temperature despite heating in order to save costs, the purchase can be worthwhile. Even if you want to humidify air that is too dry but don't want to get wet walls, you can ensure a tolerable medium level. By the way, sometimes there are coupon promotions on the product page. So you can order the already quite cheap pack of 3 even cheaper. Thanks to Prime delivery, it also arrives quickly.

SONOMO Thermo-Hygrometer, Set of 3 Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Digital Room Thermometer...
  • 【High-precision sensor】 Built-in accurate and sensitive temperature and humidity sensor, quick response, ...
  • 【Clearer to read】 The improved larger LCD screen of the thermo-hygrometer makes the digital display clear, ...
  • 【Humidity comfort display】The comfort display shows the state of the room humidity in three symbols....

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