Test: Roborock Sweep One S50 (Xiaomi Mi Gen. 2) with wipe function

In the test of the Roborock Sweep One S50 Vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function, which is the second generation of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum counts and can also be controlled via the Mi Home app, I have been able to determine advantages and disadvantages. Compared to its predecessor, in addition to the combination of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, this robot has some other very good features. But how well does the Roborock vacuum cleaner robot sweep and vacuum? When do problems arise and how can they be solved? And what else should you know before buying this automatic vacuum cleaner? Here I have compiled answers to these and other questions for you.

The test of the Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum robot, which is the 2nd generation of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot (also called Mijia), has shown many advantages. You can read about my experiences with the vacuum robot and the comparison with its predecessor here.
The test of the Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum robot, which is the 2nd generation of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot (also called Mijia), has shown many advantages. You can read about my experiences with the vacuum robot and the comparison with its predecessor here.

Xiaomi / Roborock Vacuum Test - Unboxing

The structure of the unboxing is similar to that of its predecessor: The Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum cleaner arrives safely packed and with specially prepared operating instructions (in Chinese). In addition to the device, the charging station with cable (China cable, which can be adapted to a Euro socket with an adapter), the instructions, the water tank and the two wiper attachments (microfiber), there are also a few other parts - spare parts like an additional filter for the dust container and water valves for the water tank (four as replacement, two already installed). Here I have packed the scope of delivery as pictures for you:

New version, larger scope of delivery

If the Xiaomi Mi or Mijia Vacuum came with very few accessories and spare parts (see the test report linked above), the scope of delivery of the Roborock Vacuum vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function consists of significantly more parts. Above all, I think it is very good that a replacement filter, a total of two mopping cloths, replacement valves and so on are included as standard. Because these are definitely the more frequently required parts in terms of maintenance and replacement. You’re happy if you don’t buy them, but can already find them in the scope of delivery of the standard package;)

Here is a summary of the Roborock Sweep One S50 scope of delivery:

  • Xiaomi / Roborock vacuum robot
  • Water tank including wiping cloths, closures, etc.
  • Charging station with cable (depending on the version with plug adapter)
  • Plastic cover (as a protective device I assume)
  • Instruction manual (in Chinese, translatable with Google's photo translator)
  • Brush-blade multitool

I find the small tool, which is included with the predecessor Xiaomi Mi / Xiaomi Mijia and a combination of comb and blade, very practical. It is a practical accessory for cleaning the brushes and removing long hair that has become trapped in them. If you can't find it in the scope of delivery of the vacuum robot, then open its upper flap - finally, unlike the Xiaomi predecessor, there is a permanent place for the tool directly in the housing. So you don't have to look for it if you have misplaced it;)

Technical data

Now we come to some meaningful data and details of the Roborock Sweep One S50 robot vacuum model. I put this in the comparison with the Xiaomi predecessor so that you have a direct comparison:

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot (2016) Roborock Sweep One S50 (2017)
Dimensions (wxdxh) 34,5 x 34,5 x 9,6 cm 35,3 x 35,0 x 9,65 cm
Weight 3,8 kg 3,5 kg
suction 1.800 Pa 2.000 Pa
Battery Capacity 5.200 mAh 5.200 mAh
Runtime 2,5h 2,5h
Space measurement Ja Ja
  • 360 ° laser distance sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • infrared sensors
  • 360 ° laser distance sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • infrared sensors
  • Accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • E-Compass
suction Ja Ja
wiping function No Ja
All functions Sweeping, vacuuming, spot cleanup, remote control via App Sweeping, vacuuming, wiping, spot cleanup, zone cleanup, remote control via app
Volume d. Collecting container 420ml 500ml
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The 4 main upgrades

According to the product page on Amazon, there are four main upgrades from the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot to its second generation in the form of the Roborock S50. Because this robot vacuum cleaner is not only a better sweeper, but also offers these four improvements in comparison:

  • Sweeping and wiping possible at the same time
  • Zone cleanup for assigning separate operational zones
  • Better overcoming of obstacles (up to 2 cm in height)
  • More and better sensors for more detailed use

More buttons for more no-app functions

With the Mi Home app (details see below), the Roborock S50 vacuum robot with integrated mop can be optimally used. In the test, I discovered many new functions that the predecessor did not have on the box, such as the Zone Cleanup, which is perfect if you have a carpet or runner in a room that the robot vacuum should not run over - at least not when he has installed his water tank and microfiber cloth;)

But even without the app, you can operate the Roborock S50 more extensively than the Xiaomi MI Vacuum predecessor. In addition to "On / Off", "Vacuuming" and "Drive to the charging station", "Spot Cleanup", ie cleaning in the immediate vicinity, is now also possible as a button command on the device!

Roborock S50 Vacuum Robot in the test

But now we come to the test itself. As I have already indicated, I like the device very much. I am equally impressed by the suction power and the wiping function. Before buying, you should of course be sure that the device cannot erase any stubborn stains or dirt. But at least the regular cleaning of your floor is ensured by the Roborock S50. If nothing stands in the way and he has nowhere to get stuck, you can send him to work with the Mi Home app while on the go. So you let a robot do the housework - from work, on vacation, on a business trip or at the weekend when you visit the family.

In the test, I found the coordination and movements, especially on walls and other obstacles, to be much more delicate and careful than with the Xiaomi Mi predecessor model. The further developed and additional sensors show their effect. In addition, there are the improved functions for vacuuming and wiping, the allocation of different zones, etc. In addition: You can define for each zone how often the vacuum cleaner robot should go over it. So if you have to leave the house in a hurry and knocked something over, for example a flower pot or something similar, then send the robot two or three times over the area and come back to a clean home;)

Advantages of the charging station

The charging station of the Roborock S50 has some advantages compared to the charging station of the Xiaomi Mi vacuum cleaner robot. Here are the points that caught my eye:

  • Smaller dimensions to save space
  • LED on the top indicates readiness for use
  • LED is switched off during charging
  • Charging contacts are located under the robot at the base of the station
  • The Roborock One Sweep S50 is currently driving towards the station and does not have to approach it like its predecessor, turn around and then wiggle its rear part - that looks less funny, but saves space with the new model
Comparison of Xiaomi Mi 1 (left) and Roborock S50 (right), each with a charging station.
Comparison of Xiaomi Mi 1 (left) and Roborock S50 (right), each with a charging station.

Mi Home app: download and test

The Mi Home app is available for iOS on the iPhone and iPad as well as for watchOS on the Apple Watch and also for Android on the respective smartphone and tablet models. I already gave you my impressions of the app in the test of the first generation of this vacuum robot product range. With regard to the new model, the above-mentioned innovations are added, which are really easy to set.

The rectangle or the several rectangles for the Zone Cleanup, for example, are quickly drawn and the respective square meters are calculated and displayed directly. Information on cleaning time, battery charge level, etc. is also retained. The map of the room / apartment is shown a little more detailed in comparison and there are also small changes in the display of the dock. Which is also really cool: you don't necessarily have to navigate the Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum robot to a desired point in the room via remote control (remote control in the Mi Home app), but can simply tap on the map and then on "Go There". Ideal for the super lazy and for on the go;)

You can find the download for the Android app in Google Play Store, I have linked the Mi Home app for iOS and watchOS to you as follows:

[appbox app store id957323480]

Once the Mi Home app has been set up (which admittedly can be a bit cumbersome), integrating the vacuum robot into the WiFi is a breeze!
Once the Mi Home app has been set up (which admittedly can be a bit cumbersome), integrating the vacuum robot into the WiFi is a breeze! (Click to enlarge)
Once the second generation Xiaomi Vacuum Robot is set up, you can start.
Once the second generation Xiaomi Vacuum Robot is set up, you can start. (Click to enlarge)
Clean it up, send the device back and forth around the room and Zone Cleanup - everything went really well!
Clean it up, send the device back and forth around the room, and Zone Cleanup - everything went really well! (Click to enlarge)

Voice Pack: English instead of Chinese as voice output

As expected, the Roborock S50, like the Xiaomi Mi pioneer, speaks Chinese by default. But that doesn't matter, with the three buttons on the top and via the app you can operate the vacuum robot even without language skills. If you are bothered by the Chinese voice output, you can also use the app in the device or language settings to play the English language package. The device already speaks another world language.

Cleaning: vacuuming and wiping works!

As already described above, one can hardly be dissatisfied with the performance of the Roborock One Sweep S50. The suction power is right, the additional wiping and operation via app are simply convincing! Of course, it would be counterproductive to run the device over spilled liquids or other puddles as it is not designed to be mopped up or soaked up. In an emergency, however, he could safely sweep up the soil of a fallen flower pot and then wipe it. However, the pot and plant must be removed beforehand - it cannot do that yet: D

Vacuum cleaning and wiping: clearly structured

Even with the Roborock model, which is based on the Xiaomi vacuum robot in terms of structure and functions, there is a clear advantage compared to other vacuum cleaner robots, such as the Roomba robots from iRobot - namely the structured cleaning. While the Roomba vacuums sometimes seem undecided and sometimes drive there, the Xiaomi / Roborock vacuums mark out a certain area, measure the room and then clean the parts of the floor that can be reached in parallel paths and in a recognizable structure. In addition to the other cool features, a clear plus for this product range!

The routes of the Roborock S50 and the iRobot Roomba in comparison. Source: Xiaomi
The routes of the Roborock S50 and the iRobot Roomba in comparison. Source: Xiaomi

dirt container

The dust bin is just as easy to remove, empty and reinsert as it has ever been. After the first cleaning or, in the case of large apartments, halfway through, you should see whether you don't have to empty it generously. Because with its small side brush, the Roborock S50 can get into every corner and also sweeps dust, hair and fibers out of corners and sometimes under furniture. If it fits under the sofa, bed, TV cabinet, etc., then it will also catch one woolly mouse as well as the other. So check from time to time whether the container needs to be emptied ...

Water tank

The water tank of the Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum cleaner robot can be easily clamped under the back of the device. With the two snap locks on the left and right, it is also easy to remove the tank together with the microfiber cloth. So if the water runs out or you want to change the cloth (it is very practical that two of them are included in the scope of delivery), this is wonderfully easy to implement. To change the cloths on the fly, you simply pause the process, replace the cloth, if necessary let it soak first if it was still dry, and then send the vacuum cleaner on its journey.

Buy Roborock Sweep One S50

Like the Xiaomi Mi / Mijia vacuum robot, you can also buy the Roborock Sweep One S50 from Gearbest and Amazon. In my opinion, the vacuum cleaner from 2017 is currently the ultimate that you can integrate into your smart home as a cleaning aid. No other model from the manufacturer with innovative innovations has yet been announced for 2018. That's why it's worth buying in 2018 too! You get to Gearbest with this link. At Amazon there is even the possibility to buy the Xiaomi / Roborock One Sweep S50 with shipping from Germany. I find the price reasonable everywhere; After all, it is a really smart, technically high-quality, automatic household or cleaning aid.

No products found.

Robot test as a video

The first video shows part of the Spot Cleanup, i.e. the cleaning of a small area around the current position of the vacuum cleaner. When the button flashes you can see that the mode is activated:

The second video is simply intended to show how easily the robot's water tank can be docked:

More videos will follow as soon as they are uploaded;)

Use both vacuum robots at the same time?

I once sent the Roborock from point A to point B for fun, while the first-generation Xiaomi was just cleaning up point B. I wanted to test whether the two of them communicate somehow, divide the area and / or the work. But nothing of the kind - they only recognize each other as moving obstacles and find it difficult to avoid their paths.

Theme carpet

The use of vacuum cleaner robots on a carpet is usually not a problem if the carpet does not have long shags but is rather short. The tested model, however, is a vacuum cleaner robot with a wiping function, which is why you might want to divide the cleaning of the apartment / floor into zones with the Mi Home app. You can have it wiped where there is no carpet. Then you remove the water tank with a cloth (it's easy to do by pressing the two snap locks on the left and right) and then let it vacuum the carpet areas. That is still less effort than vacuuming and wiping yourself;)

advantages and disadvantages

Before I come to the final conclusion, here are a few advantages, neutral points and disadvantages that I have tried to summarize clearly:


  • Super suction power
  • Usable wiping function
  • Long battery life
  • Several accessories and spare parts included
  • Many smart functions in the app (free of charge)
  • Operation possible while on the move thanks to WLAN integration

Neutral points

  • Device from China, which can make operation difficult for beginners at first
  • Single devices used together do not communicate
  • The wiper pad and tank cannot be retracted or lifted for use on the carpet, but must be removed by hand


  • I didn't notice any really negative points
  • Impatient users may have to pull themselves together a bit when setting up the app and the device


After the Roborock Sweep One S50 test, I am once again positively surprised. I can only recommend buying the household robot and find the cleaning performance very good. Of course, the two rather soft brushes and the cloth drawn over the floor will not loosen any stubborn dirt - and for cleaning carpets, floor coverings, tiles, etc. you should define zones and attach or remove the water tank accordingly.

For regular cleaning, however, the Roborock vacuum cleaner robot is a practical helper. Especially in combination with the Xiaomi Mi Home app, you can use numerous functions that go beyond those of the buttons for on / off, cleaning, spot cleanup and dock return. Can you add your own experiences to this review or do you have a question about ordering the Roborock device? Then leave a comment!

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  1. So I ordered my Roborock at TECHINTHEBASKET.de at the beginning of March = problem-free, free DHL delivery after one week): Euronetzkabel + unneeded adapter (?), English, printed operating instructions, CE marking firmly on the device. Standard language edition English.
    No problems with registration and commissioning for Europe - yes, the time is right too.
    I can confirm the consistently good rating and functionality without reservation, I don't regret the purchase.

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