Button cell SR626SW: Technical data and alternatives to this battery

Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

The SR626SW battery is also often called the Watch battery because it is one of their most common uses. In fact, like most button cells, its small dimensions, its long service life of several years and the stable voltage curve that shows itself over time during discharge make it perfect for applications in which minimum voltage is queried over a long period of time. Other battery types such as lithium-ion batteries or NiMH batteries are rather poorly suited for such purposes due to their relatively high self-discharge.

The SR626SW button cell is also often found under the names LR626, V377 or similar (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
The SR626SW button cell is also often found under the names LR626, V377 or similar (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Comparison list: Alternatives to the SR626SW battery

When it comes to the names of button cells, there is often confusion among end customers, as almost every manufacturer has come up with their own abbreviation for their battery. Even though they all have the same technical data. In this case, a comparison list for the SR626SW will help.

The general designation "button cell type 377" or also "AG 4" should be found most frequently. Nevertheless, you can also find the following model designations for this battery:

  • Varta V377 / Varta 565
  • Citizen 280-39
  • Bulova 606
  • Duracell D377
  • Energizer 377
  • GP Sylva Cell 377
  • Panasonic SR626SW
  • Maxell SR626SW
  • Ray-ovac 377
  • Renata 377
  • Seiko SB-AW
  • Sony SR626SW, Sony LR626
  • Toshiba SR626SW
  • Ucar 377
  • IEC SR66
  • B-377XL
  • Timex BA

This also names all the alternatives that can be used, because all these batteries have the same dimensions and deliver the same voltage. So they can be exchanged with each other - regardless of whether the button cell is used for a clock, a kitchen scale, a remote control or another device.

The AG13 is not identical to the SR626SW and therefore cannot be used as an alternative, but it also works with a different battery chemistry and therefore has a different voltage curve over time.

The bestsellers on Amazon

If you want to buy this button cell, there are several options on Amazon. If you need replacements more often, you should use a pack with 10 button cells of the same type. There is one example this very well rated set of 10 by Varta (V377 - silver oxide) at. Here you should prefer silver oxide batteries, as these are of better quality than the alkaline button cells. Then they can be stored for several years without any problems, as they hardly discharge themselves.

If you only need one battery, you can either use a button cell set (here a very good one from HyCell) order with several different batteries or buy just the one button cell.

SR626SW sets with 10 batteries based on silver oxide

For example, the following sets can be ordered inexpensively with Amazon Prime:

0,37 EUR
Varta button cells 377 SR626SW (10 pieces, V377)
  • Technology: silver oxide Diameter: 6 mm Voltage: 8 V Height: 1 mm Capacity: 55 mAh

Button cell sets with type 377

If you'd rather buy a set that includes the SR626SW (often referred to as the 377), you might find it here. However, it can happen here that you get alkaline batteries and not silver-oxide-based ones. This can often be recognized by the model designation "AG4". The set often includes other button cells that are found in watches, car keys, garage door openers or digital cameras.

HyCell 30 x button cell economy set alkaline / 5x each LR621 LR736 LR626 LR1130 386A. LR1154 / Ideal for ...
  • Economy set The high-quality button batteries convince with an excellent price-performance ratio / The ...
  • 30 high-quality battery button cells 5 pieces each from AG 1 (LR621 364) AG 3 (LR41 392) AG 4 (LR626 377) AG 10 (LR54 389) ...
  • Quality With their particularly high quality, the HyCell battery alkaline button cells are perfect for ...

Single blister with the battery type SR626SW

If you only want to buy one battery, you should make sure that you buy a button cell with silver oxide. There are, for example, very good offers from Duracell, Sony or Varta:

Duracell 377 SR626SW SB AG4 1,55V Silver Oxide Watch Battery
  • Duracell original Type: silver oxide Voltage: 1,55V Dimensions: 2,6mm x 6,8mm Weight: 2 g. "

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When comparing the size with the 1 euro coin, you can first see how small the SR626SW battery actually is (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
When comparing the size with the 1 euro coin, you can first see how small the SR626SW battery actually is (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Technical data of the button cell

If you want to find out more about the SR626SW, you will find the technical specifications of the tiny button cell here (only the SR621SW is a bit smaller):

  • Designation (IEC 60086 standard): SR626
  • Voltage: as AG4 1,5V; as SG4 (377 and 376) 1,55 V; as ZR626 1,65 V.
  • Shape: round (button cell)
  • Dimensions: 6,8 mm x 2,6 mm
  • Capacity: 27 - 28 mAh
  • rechargeable alternative: not available


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